Epic Fail: Zip Line Wedding Crash

The groom crashes into his bride while zip lining to the altar.
2:54 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Epic Fail: Zip Line Wedding Crash
-- for the next. You know these weddings that are sort of like you know crazy where they get married on the water yes Larry you know riding an elephant or whatever in the hot air -- Yeah this was a good one -- -- -- had this idea that they would zip line down into their wedding. Klein Donna I hadn't -- like the team but it sounds in theory like if it is your cup it to anybody here watch watch what happens okay it was horribly wrong about partly just. Yeah. A little yeah. This is their wedding clothes. Got up and walked away I'm -- Honestly it's okay first of all the -- always go down Iowa first -- waiting at the end of the -- secondly have you written. Any -- -- and -- and they know that yes you now that the person. Yeah. The person who is -- -- and the ground here is gonna. Plan to take on the golf course okay a sign that absent from the headline here yeah what's. -- -- -- -- I don't know maybe yeah I mean I'm guessing that pretty far from the altar -- you know. I think -- -- -- start to sound as -- blind date may be nuts to get. Get moving into this stupid and criminal category probably read that's what happened in bringing -- -- it is evident and the Arizona. They're about to say -- mug shots -- they look very Smart and are not very Smart these guys arrested on Saturday after they tried to break into an unlocked. Police car that's not the end of the story gets -- inside a police car and gets the policemen. Police say yeah. Here's a -- apparently want to certain site opened the rear passenger door attempt to get inside and realize that in the backseat of the K -- That it with the police not. They're policemen in an irritant to the -- quickly apprehended at -- methamphetamine and several pieces of stolen -- -- We're in their backpacks and easy bus so they -- they went to develop. So comfortable in the station and -- but right. This week's story lesson -- -- 97 year old World War II veteran gets this high school diploma. Totally cool -- -- but I suspected areas have Cusick. Frederick Graham Watertown New York -- as a member of the class of 1934 had to drop out before graduating had joined the civilian. Conservation -- to support his mother who raised him and his two Brothers. Father died of diabetes soon after and it just was a bad situation he never got. Graduated high school while they finally got around to saying hey you know you -- to do this and sure enough. He did and I -- seven years to get any in any at home right he would attack and yet it is presented benefited from well desire to. Valedictorian said it was great to have any class. The capital right.

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{"id":19380079,"title":"Epic Fail: Zip Line Wedding Crash","duration":"2:54","description":"The groom crashes into his bride while zip lining to the altar. ","url":"/WNN/video/epic-fail-zip-line-wedding-crash-19380079","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}