Inside 1 of New York's Most Iconic Hotels

In the launch of our brand new series, 'Lifestyles of the Rich...and Kendis,' ABC's Kendis Gibson tours the luxury suites at New York's famed Plaza Hotel.
4:53 | 07/05/16

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Transcript for Inside 1 of New York's Most Iconic Hotels
Around me. Miles of you are as excited as an act and you're kicking up a news series that peels back the layers of luxury gives us an inside look that you get to experience. Especially me if it weren't for this new series as we mentioned these other called. Lifestyles of the rich doubt that that and Candice. Our premiere edition takes us behind the goal line chandelier lit halls of the Plaza Hotel in New York. Good morning this. Want to thank you it's great to be here this this is beautiful home. One and only blocks better. And with that soap Wiggins might venture outside one of the world's most exclusive hotels New York city's legendary Plaza Hotel. The same motel made iconic in literature by its best known resident Luis. Everybody always. Place The Beatles stayed and their fans invaded during the brits first American tour back in 1964. Should. And home to Kevin McCallister. In home alone two so yes somehow that Plaza Hotel around. Through the front door. For a rare look at some of its most amazing sweet sweet reporting penthouse suite. The grand penthouse suite is among the top of the line. Who lavish bedrooms. Two and a half bathrooms. And some news story stick. I didn't that you're seeing the growing movement in his vented a represented an apartment she. Our team of professional boxers and make sure that we provide answers thesis. Which is. Come from progressing. And those who grow the fat thickness a full time Butler at the beckoning. As of the hotel is amazing Central Park location and make a suites weren't enough the service is over the town tanks every go to and Arian as were Glink has the easiest job in the world promoting the plazas many benefits to the masses justices have used against New York. This is pretty much has out here we have to settle for chatting in the 20000 dollar a night grand penthouse suite. Because even larger 40000 dollar A night suite has been occupied by the same gas. For the last three months. In the next week it actually has a living room dining room kitchen a library three bedrooms a cool air and catching. For the grand penthouse. He too shabby. With more than. 15100. Square feet out of business travelers that come here from located at times and want to feel give them an area more. I've been looking for an apartment in New York this is like the size of some of the party. This is the master Andrea. Okay. And I'm that in the acronym of the bathroom hall loved the backing. Had he's more of Judy Katz explained port carrying gold plated Lucy isn't really go yeah. In the humanities look pretty. That's our great. Yeah. I stood at cracking. The terrors alone is 500 square feet. We ordered a blue beautiful weather for the terrorists pretending to and a stereo and a nice friends this is Maria scenery is amazing to have all the skyscrapers all around you Central Park off to the right yeah. It is. This is the light. We really have to leave BBC for. Its have to pain just a little bit to do well security or not yet. I'm they had to drag me out of the hotel in handcuffs should have. Oh after The Beatles stayed there while there there there a couple of girls who it. Famously snuck their way up into their rooms you had all these girls outside that they were able to smuggle their themselves into the into the room. In a gift box. Lose their way of. Again I get it. And they get hot yeah because I'm guessing security there is pretty tightly. It's their bay of remaining notable guests over the years of course F. Scott Fitzgerald that duke and duchess of Windsor. It was once owned by Donald Trump that. What a way years in years ago. This is my favorite job either. Here's a deal they have no idea I did that. This is a first time they know they're seeing that I jumped on the bed. There are busy doing something else we are had no idea they snuck into the bathtub and just kind of like. Me myself back home so we're going back to check up the 40000 dollars saying hey Alison as those guys get out of there. Yeah.

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{"id":40347509,"title":"Inside 1 of New York's Most Iconic Hotels ","duration":"4:53","description":"In the launch of our brand new series, 'Lifestyles of the Rich...and Kendis,' ABC's Kendis Gibson tours the luxury suites at New York's famed Plaza Hotel. ","url":"/WNN/video/exclusive-inside-yorks-iconic-hotels-40347509","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}