Extreme Cold Grips the Midwest

A blast of dangerously cold temperatures in the Midwest threatens residents who are battling the blistering weather.
1:49 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for Extreme Cold Grips the Midwest
Good morning again this gives him and I read an item with a top stories on this Tuesday January 19. The bitter cold in the northern US has now spread to the east but it's not loosen its grip. Upper midwest the extreme temperatures can be life threatening some communities have sort of one these letters to people without heat or shelter. Attempts in the upper middle class people climb above zero. Until later today on the heels of the release of those four Americans and arrived at least one is still being held. Former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared in 2007 while on a case as a freelance investigator. This friendly leader learn that he was working in directly for the CIA. US officials tell ABC news Levinson was part of negotiations but. They don't know why he wasn't included in this want protesters caused a rush hour nightmare December Cisco Bay Area breezy traffic on one side of the Bay Bridge. Members of black sees an option to black lives matter strong changed through their cars. The group's demands included the firing of city officials in San Francisco. And this is incredible a driver on a capital beltway in Maryland barely escaped serious injury last night after a light pole pierced the roof of his Prius. All the way into the floorboards of the driver says the polls missed his head. I only six engines and tributes poignant for rock and roll hall of Famer Glenn tried the six time grand singer and guitarist died yesterday when your. After battling a number of serious health problems without a member of the eagles' bye helped find only fat yellow box out yet accepted. At with the Eagles at this solo artist of him being released 24 top singles forty singles. But Friday was sixteen years old we'll get more news any time at abcnews.com. I'm Reid tonight at an emptiness Gibson thanks watching from great thing.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"A blast of dangerously cold temperatures in the Midwest threatens residents who are battling the blistering weather. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36370739","title":"Extreme Cold Grips the Midwest","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-cold-grips-midwest-36370739"}