Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South

Winter storm watches and warnings are posted from Virginia all the way down to the Gulf Coast.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South
Everything in this half hour with that extreme cold and a rare winter storm hitting the south some parts the Carolinas could see as much as half a foot of snow before this is all over the National Weather Service has issued winter storm watches and warnings. From Virginia all the way down of the Gulf Coast. Are rare southern winter storms stretching more than 12100. Miles is expected to dumped snow and ice from southern Virginia. In to south Texas. Folks will be tempted to get out and -- neighborhoods and they're gonna go wanted to look for the ice they'll do it. Enjoy being at home stay off the rodents. Residents were ordered to stay off the roads in South Bend, Indiana to make way for an overnight blitz of snowplows. We have a list of areas where. The drug source and -- so we concentrate on making sure that we don't lose those planes because once they get to bed and we got to get heavy equipment -- there. Many communities are now running out of road salt not -- it's doing much help in these frigid temperatures but as well. Realize you dude who temperatures in this assault doesn't work at these temperatures to voters attraction. You know that's only were the salt this -- -- really melting. In parts of Ohio -- rare combination of ice wind and snow and created these strange formations called snow rollers. And in Chicago this morning and even stranger sight minus sixteen on the thermometer expected this morning. Schools are closed today again in Chicago Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Kids are going stir crazy and parents are getting frustrated. Although it's cold I really don't understand why CBS -- it just turns everyone into chaos. It doesn't need to -- they could just going to school stains -- any and that's our weekend. And if you're flying check your airline thousands of flights for today are already canceled. Some good advice for anybody who's traveling today. Call ahead. Check online absolutely but those temperatures are just dropping at an alarming rate with wind chills in the danger zone AccuWeather meteorologist Jim -- has the latest for us now good morning -- -- -- Good morning John and Marcy staying brutally cold here across the north. Andy start to care has really set up shop. My missed warning this morning Minneapolis -- expected early morning low temperatures minus fourteen in Chicago pulling down to one in -- the -- Kansas City. Northeast Tacoma spreading here to you might say an Indy minus 10 this morning Detroit minus five in -- Pittsburgh. And -- -- in fact in the -- when you factor that in -- -- even colder too wide -- of this area feels like it's minus twenty or lower when you factor in those winds. Wisconsin Minnesota feels like minus forty -- dangerously cold to be out about. For extended periods of time and as that cold slide south we're expecting significant winter weather here. Heavy snow eastern North Carolina South Carolina -- -- -- area with ice is far south as the Gulf Coast. John and -- back to you. Jim thank you -- here's the weather for the rest of the country some much needed rain and snow moving into northern California. The Pacific northwest -- -- wintry mix of snow and rain while it'll be clear and sunny across the southwest. The record warm temperatures continuing California and the sixties and seventy -- 46 in Seattle 75 in Phoenix and 83. In Miami.

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{"id":22260886,"title":"Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South ","duration":"3:00","description":"Winter storm watches and warnings are posted from Virginia all the way down to the Gulf Coast.","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-weather-rare-winter-storm-hits-south-22260886","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}