Extreme Winter Storm Hits the Northeast

ABC News' Tahman Bradley says 100 million Americans are waking up to snow, ice and freezing rain.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Extreme Winter Storm Hits the Northeast
America's -- Good morning I'm RC Gonzales in for Diana Perez and I'm John -- the latest deadly winter storm is on the move right now let's take under the radar system -- huge stretching from the. Millions of people are affected schools closed flights delayed. For many it is truly the winter of our discontent. We have live team coverage right now -- -- when -- mark Mancuso is standing by with the storm's track. But we begin with -- -- Bradley live -- a very snowy Washington DC good morning mind. -- and John good morning the storm arrived here in the northeast overnight. Here in Washington DC we've been receiving about an inch or two every single hour of snow. This is a part of the country used to these conditions -- a lot of people today it's gonna stay home. This morning -- mammoth winter storm is ravaged East Coast. 100 million Americans are waking up to snow ice and freezing rain the storm downed trees and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands. In Virginia the National Guard is on standby. Salt trucks and plows are out in heavy force we can handle it all. I mean she was always a problem but that's what we're here for the storm -- south leaving behind dangerous ice look at this traffic mess in Raleigh, North Carolina. Car after car abandoned on the highway avoid. I 85. At all times because it is not looking good right now people ran for cover after one trapped car caught fire. The North Carolina governor warned residents to stay off the roads don't -- -- stupid Adam at this point in time. Protect yourself protect your family protector neighbors let's protect each other this woman's daughter was nearly crushed when a pine tree fell on her home. Here in the -- crack and watching -- fall from my window. In -- my -- -- -- very traumatic. And the -- of this North Carolina church collapsed more than 4000 flights have already been canceled today impacting about five million passengers nationwide. Many people have had enough this brutal winner. I'm play that would -- now. Is Rick my job twice as hard. The federal government is closed today as well as schools and businesses up and down the East Coast -- in March 6. Right to not Bradley live in Washington -- -- And just down the street from where to Amman is another look at Washington White House one of the few federal offices that will be open today in Washington. Can't -- looks like us don't -- over Christmas card kind of on the let's find out where else the snow was falling AccuWeather meteorologist mark Mancuso joins us live and mark man -- man is really coming down. Net -- snow across the -- -- five quarter hear from a New York City sell her to -- -- around the Baltimore Washington area. Harding reports about ten inches -- -- around tauzin and Maryland so it's really counting down so we're going from shivering. To shoveling here in the northeast and that's knows already worked as witness southern -- and it's snowing in Providence. And that -- be arriving in the Boston area for the morning commute Carolina coast to be -- -- changeover to rain here and the frozen precipitation working Westford Richmond after about three of four inches of snow now freezing rain. Arrests are to see a mixed up towards the nation's capital that will hold outs and snow fall amounts. In these areas but just the north and west -- states more snow. We are calling for a good eight to fourteen inches some places even a little bit more not near the coast we'll start off as snow up to 36 inches in Boston expected down towards new York city of Philly about half a foot. And then around Baltimore Washington -- thinking six attend but more to north and west getting very windy here too. So -- lot of problems today collect getting into work this morning in the north the. All right AccuWeather is mark Mancuso thank you for that stay with ABC news we've got crews throughout the storms -- this morning live coverage coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Tahman Bradley says 100 million Americans are waking up to snow, ice and freezing rain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22491989","title":"Extreme Winter Storm Hits the Northeast","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-winter-storm-hits-northeast-22491989"}