Extreme Winter Weather: Snowstorm to Hit 21 States

ABC News' Reena Ninan reports that a huge storm will bring freezing temperatures and lots of snow.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Extreme Winter Weather: Snowstorm to Hit 21 States
America's -- -- come up you know John Bogle is often. And I -- a nine -- for Diana -- -- we began with a monster winter storm battering the midwest. And taking aim on the northeast take a look at the radar that powerful system in the Arctic air is coming out of the central plains. And -- moisture from the Gulf of Mexico as -- marches toward the East Coast. The snowstorm is already leaving its mark and we'll eventually affect 21 states. 2014. Has begun with an extreme the last of winter weather -- huge storm has been moving across much of the country bringing with it freezing temperatures. And lots of snow. In Minneapolis temperatures drop to around zero fire crews struggled to deal with a massive blaze. Following an explosion at an apartment complex water use to fight the flames quickly turned ice in the extreme temperatures. And Indiana slippery snow covered roads are making travel difficult for drivers nearly a foot a snow has already fallen in Chicago with more expected today. Residents are doing their best to dig out. It does the job with the dispatch that the reports -- -- stolen car. You know he can. Make do with what she got right now. The storm is now headed towards the East Coast and New England where residents have been preparing for this onslaught of winter weather. New Haven, Connecticut shelters are gearing up to help those who spend much of their time. On the streets to -- -- -- to give my -- and stay warm. In Scituate Massachusetts repairs have been made to a seawall that was damaged in a storm last February the promise ties -- just huge. There the -- taken. Possibly be. And stores like this -- was in New Jersey are doing a brisk business as people stock up on shovels and salt to deal with the coming storm. How much need to stock up or whether you stock up at all will depend on where you live and for that we turn to AccuWeather is Jim Dickie good morning -- Good morning marine and Mohammed. There really two separate system there's an upper low that's tracking its way out of the nation's midsection -- Some tropical moisture here some -- from -- Mexico moisture and it's being drawn -- -- -- -- dry air in between keeping the two apart. That won't last -- come together as we head through the day after the daylight hours we'll see snow stretching from New England. Back -- in the Ohio valley but the true storm gets underway into the overnight the worst conditions. Will be from late Thursday night through early that morning on Friday -- -- -- a question Boston southward into Long Island it. And with strong gusty winds near zero visibility near white out conditions that snow will be. Heavy in many locations drilling for bullseye of -- foot of snow in around the Boston area -- -- -- -- Back to you right thanks -- -- this winter storm is sure to disrupt flights and several major airports. It could cause a snack for a lot of people heading home after New Year's Day according to flight tracker there are already. -- worth -- thousand flights canceled. In the US and another 52 flights are delayed those numbers are sure to rise as a storm intensifies. Along the East Coast. And stay with ABC news for the latest on this winter storm an update with live team coverage. Coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Reena Ninan reports that a huge storm will bring freezing temperatures and lots of snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21395852","title":"Extreme Winter Weather: Snowstorm to Hit 21 States","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-winter-weather-snowstorm-hit-21-states-21395852"}