Facetime photoshoots

One photographer is getting creative while in quarantine. ABC's Will Ganss talks to Catie McCabe about her genius Facetime photography.
2:59 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for Facetime photoshoots
Based on these photos it looks like beyond concern as quarantine it's more like a party. And I mean waiting for an all meet in coming hot and then went into every. Yes I ever according to seeing. The images captured by a professional photographer. The F face time doing this photo it was when they you know. It change their daily routine and she didn't like a party scene. And such yet they would and did you know. And it for him. It's part of a project called the quarantine sessions shot by Katie McKay the kids advertising photographer in Orlando Florida has had to get creative. While in lockdown we have. 20304800. People back so he can't. Dean jobs. To the level all honesty really creative stuff I and it's our earth our audience now about just based on anti can't see it I can decent paying. Turns out she could. Eventually bring about an eighty it learned that it did it so she just told me they are already here. And I have tried so I instead on the right side and then he gave young guy inspections did kids weather in New York or California or anywhere in between us. All warning their voters she's. What how you can tell it all you're not eating their rules we have that staying at the front is that how you eat sort of Q. That for like 2030 and gently. On. You are a parent like Harry. What's that's out of the way Katie gets creative. Game. I needed to get things about you orange and green house. And knock them why now what. Katie bringing the fund to her photos but more importantly bringing fund to what has become a tough time for parents across the country remain in. And it that their childhood and remember the stressful and likes and a lot of the parents are saying we love any sessions and we want to. We want to create happy. Most of the time next time it professional rigor currently swimming. What mom got under water key target I'll have to be ridiculous and hold the camera airliner. At least for Bianca and her mom Carolina. Mission accomplished. A year from now tears at ten years from now looking back on this time what if it means you guys. That you have visas the. Yeah. And like 180 in the memory independent high paying me. Instead of charging her clients Katie is encouraging parents and clients to donate money to cope in nineteen relief funds she even took a few photos of me it was one of the most fun fifteen minutes on my quarantine so far. Matt anything. Fact that many.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"One photographer is getting creative while in quarantine. ABC's Will Ganss talks to Catie McCabe about her genius Facetime photography.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71631353","title":"Facetime photoshoots","url":"/WNN/video/facetime-photoshoots-71631353"}