Fans Angered at Beyonce Sketch

Beyonce fans are in an uproar of a drawing that makes her look too skinny.
3:23 | 06/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fans Angered at Beyonce Sketch
Welcome to this skinny beyoncé is once again but this time really not because of her own doing so -- fashion house -- vertical rally. Created this beautiful gown for her to air during her tour of the current -- to achieve this world where that she's on miss wild -- partnership there it is yet he's floating -- beautiful it's absolutely stunning and it looks wonderful on her yes listen to the start going on with her fans anyway -- Because of the sketch that the fashion house created. For her so that's what they're calling -- an artistic rendition of what they wanted it to look like but if you -- and made it -- -- it. Here you like a stick figure I mean her legs and her arms are super along. And her waist -- teeny tiny she has not number assets which he has in real life. Sit down here's the thing when you create dispatched if it's surreal gashton Shamir realistic figure I want to -- I -- writings all over it I want -- -- that looks like a picture. Not to mention that she -- Better. Reality -- that sketchy -- fans are fans are upset but. River -- this fashion house is saying that that fans are overreacting. They're saying it's just a sketch it's not about a half court was not meant to be stylized it was just -- artistic -- I can't -- at the same time -- doesn't -- picture. Doesn't like -- picture. -- about Miley Cyrus on some rumors swirled around -- did she get cozy Justin Bieber and everything. Apparently -- some pictures that. TMC had well anyway Miley called -- -- hot 95 in DC yesterday and she responded to the yet this does she basically said impossible. And -- she also commented about man divides listening. Everybody knows you and Justin Bieber had been friends for a really long time the people are now saying that you might be more than friends that Justin Bieber true or false. Engaged to -- coming -- -- them -- The acting as is Amanda -- -- kind of she's got stuff going on obvious -- McCain I -- even entertained not I was -- part -- Intel you start packing and you know I think it's -- -- Ecevit to my name moment I -- the worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Right so they go and Miley is saying impossible and engaged she's squash is some of the gossip but then she -- a whole new round and that's -- engaged it. -- Speculation -- -- well I think she's talking about her fiance alien Hemsworth but. Then in the mornings and abhorrent -- or not only all jobs and she gains in the mountains are -- good point. -- really quickly Wilson he's on this grand world war with his son about this each other promoting that movie that they that they have. That's out until after it now he was out on tight TV this is a show called the -- -- and they weren't. Wait it's coming in after you see it figuring figuring out how bad big. And -- host asks that that due out. That there's a little bit of a distant relationship between the two and then whether or not that's how it is at how well there is how will respond to that rumor. We just do we have a distant relationship all let me give myself time frame for everybody. -- -- -- -- He that give you status and -- -- see Jane's reaction. The let me tell smile and -- I now think about this movie somehow don't -- the.

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{"id":19388997,"title":"Fans Angered at Beyonce Sketch","duration":"3:23","description":"Beyonce fans are in an uproar of a drawing that makes her look too skinny.","url":"/WNN/video/fans-angered-beyonce-sketch-19388997","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}