Fashion Designers Utilize 3D Printers

Whether recreating fashions or creating accessories 3D printers are a tool for designers.
2:33 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for Fashion Designers Utilize 3D Printers
Reprinted as promised to revolutionize the way things are made from the simplest plastic objects to custom made a body parts not fashion designers are using them to creating look we've never seen before maybe he -- contributor -- trade and takes a look. Needle and thread through the quintessential tools for any fashion designer but some tech savvy -- -- adding three prisoners to their arsenal. And the results are some pretty cool creations. So what happens when you combine fashion with three -- -- Reprinting takes a solid object. And he slices tens of thousands of lands and the software then put that back together as a -- Design and Julian headaches printed these shoes. I'm a Democrat from Tacoma the prince on top of itself all night long and the morning senate -- to pay you have previous show. Three printed objects are typically made of policy and finished items can be worn a loan or incorporated into traditional clothing last season Victoria's Secret use 3-D printers -- -- -- snowflake inspired costumes. One major benefit -- he's finished -- that they can handle the most intricate shapes and designs. At this point I think that -- cool to play with new details. And to play with and who approached -- -- for designer Hannah soak up 380 screeners need new frontiers for style. It's not just about fashion anymore it's about architecture -- about industrial design but like designer dresses the technology can cause free T Fannie. Despite this -- -- could very well -- the next industrial revolution. It's almost like the advent of the Internet. No one really knows brits can go it's gonna go somewhere when it. So it dressed one day be as simple as opening a -- in -- Closest -- -- -- I choose your feet. Similarly gone you can download your favorite designers peace and you can use and -- it haven't reviewed it's a glimpse of a very fashionable. Future. -- trend ABC news New York. Clearly it's beginning stages on -- in -- that -- I don't think so this goes somewhere. There really is that we were just saying what what's gonna happen next and I going to be able to go into a storefront that's nothing but a printer inside and -- I want the issue reserve. -- fashion thing right you can like enter code that you get from a company -- essentially printed up on -- wrong with their respects and revolutionized fashion -- Very interested -- enough -- -- that one. And.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Whether recreating fashions or creating accessories 3D printers are a tool for designers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23435354","title":"Fashion Designers Utilize 3D Printers","url":"/WNN/video/fashion-designers-utilize-3D-printers-23435354"}