Your favorite toys are back!

Ali Mierzejewski with The Toy Insider gives us the 4-1-1 on the best ways to bridge the toy gap between parents and their children. For more information on the toys visit
4:36 | 10/18/17

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Transcript for Your favorite toys are back!
Shared memories of your own childhood with your kids sounds nice for you but it can often be pretty boring for the kids. However we have a creative way to do it with Alley which just to hear from toy insider that conscious and toys that will help bring. Our childhood to our kids right we can all make memories together again these they had toys on the toy shelf that parents will be. Well I had that when I was a kid I'm already for. Get Teddy Braxton Diana communicative and he felt that he would out of the candies without irony. Line. We'll be squeezes pawn in the US if they didn't tell you stories and his mouth is gonna single Longwell is finalized so he is LED lights. In his eyes that will laid a pretty more than forty different expressions to go along with all of those this is. This is far more high tech than the gas than I was there only were kids so he's got three built in stories but you can also get the free app which has seven. Stories available for purchase that's so cool new marriage Teddy Kennedy is on a month naked. They're moving on the other duties to. Stop what's going on with this it's that time so these are mini arcade games from the bridge direct their hand held versions of the classic arcade games that you love to in the pac man that I think some this year we have frog or in Q Britain sent a penis swelled to add to its a big play they have the same exact game plans to hand held so fits right into the palm. Yes black. More affordable to the trying to buy an actual or de regalia yeah significant definitely. And the apparent and some of our favorite board games from winning moves games but they're in their classic retro packaging this looks like the game of what did when we were kids yet when it came out this is exactly what it looks like. And we also have monopoly in Nazi all of your family favorites but they have this cooling spin on them so they make your game closet with a little bit more exciting or retro matches trendy bank had a significant. Ugly is this just this isn't new Etch A Sketch of this you know yeah much the enhanced sketch. Right we're used to this is the Etch A Sketch freestyle also it also when you got it with a stylus it comes and in rainbow as well. No yet you're no longer limited to the end and dark gray. And it got stamps on the bottom Tuesday you can put your own designs on them at stamps and different shapes and then. Of course you can shake it usually get it. Significant block that just like feel plan. And this show even as an adult I have to say still enjoy watching rugrats he has he's gonna be retro Iranian Libyan and that is that on television no you don't percent of the phenomenal sound could. So what are what are these guys so they're the best show Nick Clooney figures from just so they come in rug rats of course what all of our favorite characters with the applicant and things like hey Arnold which island Ren and stimpy. The seat can collect all of your favorite characters and share them with your can't. So they come in the fun collector's pack with you see in the front and the mini version making three inches or they come in these big thick French opposable figures. And then you actually know the name of the toy Spitzer quit when he dealing in used. Opinion you lacks the same show took to finally end this these occupy a lot of my time and rated glad they're different answer Lunsford tells him because they've become decorative around the house yet done. Exactly explain how these guys work so these last kids' crafts kits are so easy to use they come with everything you need. The latch hook the iron and you just Luke pumpkin pulp. And you can create your very own mini unicorn run and so funny just take that's it and these are great for car rides and -- you have to because it's so alienated Sargent I think you just use a little looking needle. The little thread and put it through and in the end. This very nice design and it's great because all of the yarn comes pre cut as well so you don't have to. The spend time might cutting different lengths of yarn and B Matt is color coded. So gives you a guide does give you an that if she cheats us how to make the current love. I make this man occupy the rest my time today would going to be in the middle of the show during commercial prohibits. And making Iraq these are very cool I also just brings you this immediate Asselta you can't help but has a silent I think about playing with these toys. And there are a lot more to this is as a small sampling of what it cannot back out yet it's a huge trend this year for the holiday season is going to be a whole lot of retro toys but parents recognize them as a broker aunt about that. Because especially Teddy. Yeah thanks so much out there and toy insider that comment you can get warm your honest odds inducing toys. On the web site we also have more information at W and fans dot com you. And Teddy that's been an Alley are watching of his.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Ali Mierzejewski with The Toy Insider gives us the 4-1-1 on the best ways to bridge the toy gap between parents and their children. For more information on the toys visit ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"50555186","title":"Your favorite toys are back! ","url":"/WNN/video/favorite-toys-back-50555186"}