FCC to Discuss Cellphone Policy on Airplanes

Flight attendants and airline officials protest a government plan to allow calls on planes.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FCC to Discuss Cellphone Policy on Airplanes
Never gonna begin. -- busy travel Friday with a change that would effect every air traveler airplanes continued a lot louder and that's. Because the government will consider a plan to allow in flight cell phone calls as you might imagine some passengers and airlines wasted no time weighing in. It's a band that's been in place for 22 years no cell phone calls until you touched down. Next month the FCC will meet to discuss changing its policy. Allowing phone calls and access to mobile wireless services once the plane passes 101000 feet. I think the pros are that you could be more in touch in the air if you remember they used to have those old phones built into the back of the seat I think that con does that people would be on the phone and it would be really loud and this disruptive to the flight. That's exactly why the major. Flight attendants union is against -- loud talkers they could drown out important announcements. Voice calls are allowed on some flights in Asia and Europe -- domestic traveler seemed to be overwhelmingly against the idea. Flooding social media with comments like this absolutely worst idea and absolutely no way never. If the rule is changed each airline would decide whether to allow voice calls jetBlue and united say their customers are largely against the -- Delta flat out says it would not allow voice calls. This isn't just an easy thing for them to start doing -- have to build some satellite technology and more technology that would allow cellular phones to work. And public that they have could create some sort of a pricing structure how would this work how would you get back can activity similar to and they launched Wi-Fi for this -- Airlines would need to install special equipment on planes to relay wireless signals. And if airlines did allow these calls there's some concern they could charge passengers a new -- to sit in the quiet section. If the FCC moves forward with a plan it would invite public comment a process that could take a year. For so many travelers silence is golden but that silence may soon be history. Imagine having to sit on a flight listen to some mindless chatter -- somebody else next do you allow the whole time is horrible. My analysts when -- somebody yeah. It's fascinating but yet no PM IP and I. -- -- on the bus you know people on their wallets I -- -- movies rarely inform me with the ending people registering -- lineup he can't be to have good manners because they definitely some -- just don't. Texting absolutely positively who cares -- talking might know that I'm -- to detect. Are we want to know what you think about this should cell phone calls and be allowed in flight check out our FaceBook page WNN -- dot com and post comment.

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{"id":20976433,"title":"FCC to Discuss Cellphone Policy on Airplanes","duration":"3:00","description":"Flight attendants and airline officials protest a government plan to allow calls on planes.","url":"/WNN/video/fcc-discuss-cellphone-policy-airplanes-20976433","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}