Ferocious Storm Strikes on Busy Travel Day

Twenty states across the East Coast and parts of the south are in the storm's path.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Ferocious Storm Strikes on Busy Travel Day
America's -- We begin with breaking news -- Massive weather system along the eastern seaboard as bond -- appears to be a tornado in north Carolina at. These two injuries right now in morehead city just coming out of years showing downed trees downed power lines roofs ripped up buildings. There is minor damage reported at a hospital twelve people had to be evacuated from a Condo along -- beach. -- the storm that caused this damage is affecting millions of people stretching from South Florida all the way up to Maine. It's happening on one of the busiest travel days of the year ABC's tomorrow Bradley is live in a -- Washington with all -- the delays there. And holiday headache good morning to -- Good morning Diana good morning. John people who are not already -- grandma's house we're gonna have a hard time getting there it's a mess on roads and highways and at airports across the country. It came at the worst time of for -- storm system on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Twenty states across the East Coast and parts of the south are in the storm's path the forecasts are. Awful -- hectic day on tap for -- heading. -- home for bodies could be made more difficult ugly weather conditions across metro Atlanta the powerful storm has brought freezing rain snow and sleet. For travelers. Long delays and chaos. I dismissed my connection. -- Albany. And I'm hyperventilating. New York's traffic and it -- delayed. So they left me and then they tried to get him another flight. 2.4 million people were expected to fly today the second busiest day of the year some travelers are showing up early dishing out big. Money to get home it was. Many hundreds of dollars to change a ticket back we had. And the -- in Chicago that we -- it. Overnight widespread damage in North Carolina near the crystal coast after a possible tornado. Roads are treacherous snow and ice is snarling traffic slippery roads good spirits and lots of snow. This eighteen Wheeler in Birmingham Alabama ended up on its site in Pittsburgh a car slid off the road. In New York the storm is threatening an 87 year tradition performers practice for Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade but if wind -- get really bad. The big character balloons could be -- Commuters here in Washington DC this morning are battling light rain but thankfully the worst of the system moves out. Before their Turkey comes out of the -- tomorrow. -- -- done right that's always good news -- Bradley reporting live for us this morning in Washington thank you. -- -- that millions will be flying to their holiday destinations today take a look at this -- map from. Flight radar 24 dot com it shows all the flights in the air right now. Of course there will be a whole lot more planes on this map as the day goes on. Sure well all right those crowded skies plus more stormy weather will certainly add up to a lot of delays and checking it out for us now with AccuWeather meteorologist Jim -- good morning -- Good morning John and Diana are powerful winter storm continues to batter the northeast here today causing -- travel nightmare. Soaking rain -- strong gusty winds -- -- on any -- quarter that will continue. Right on through the afternoon into the evening -- snow slowly winds down across western PA across Western New York an ice. In between now again this is the strengthening storm systems -- wings will stay quite strong here today. 5060 mile per hour gusts and that will cause flight delays alone in the rain on top of that John Diane. Back to you. All right Jim thank you of course our team will be tracking the storm throughout the day stay with ABC news for any updates live team coverage coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"id":21026720,"title":"Ferocious Storm Strikes on Busy Travel Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Twenty states across the East Coast and parts of the south are in the storm's path.","url":"/WNN/video/ferocious-storm-strikes-busy-travel-day-21026720","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}