Festive recipes for your July 4 bash

Tim Laird shows us some ideas for a patriotic party, including cherry sparkler cocktails and a tomato watermelon salad.
4:16 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for Festive recipes for your July 4 bash
The fourth of July is rapidly approaching and while social distancing will make things a little different this year there's no reason you still can't have a blow out celebration. Joining us this morning with some spectacular many ideas America CE all that its chief entertaining officer Tim Laird tent they killed. For sending over these cherries sparklers I have the alcohol free version which is reminding me of the Shirley Temple you're telling me this. Like he's a little of well. We're exactly on odds they are we have some fun at best and ideas for fourth of July celebration. At a home. And I love the fact that we're starting out for the adults. I have eight cherry spark wherever they like sparklers and what I cocktails are usually uses three olives. But at a super premium. But ended we based in its well balanced and a great cocktails and let another they have different flavors like grape fruit watermelon. But today. I'm gonna use their charity. And I start Alison best advice Hughes basically in lemonade. I froze in some cock he'll share so that'll be my iced at a cocktail so it doesn't deluded but he also meet your garnish and they're the same time. So that's our our. We're one and a half ounce of might three olives cherry. Monica. And this Sherry. Jim smells like real home tart cherries it's sold delicious just like crude topped that with three ounces of lemonade goes and and produced or in part. A little lower and club soda to. Get it going then just a quick. Error and it Mona yes onset you have our alcohol free version. Which is simply no metadata. Where a little bit of cherry Jews and some of that club soda on top so. Here's so a salesman 14 of July Mona cheers. Here is you know it tastes and a lot of things that we want to keep out of our drinks this year it not suggest that Ronan says then all the other germs but also those annoying mosquitoes I heard you have a little check for that as well. I do motor you know those bugs always get in your cocktail when you set it down a boat. So here's a great idea. I'd take an upside down cup holder put out over my cocktail. Straw that senator and then these are your cocktail down. No bugs in your drink and now also have plenty of water to keep all your guests in yourselves hydrated now. Here's appoints Alan it is watermelon. Tomato a little bit cucumber some red onion and a little bit indirect dressing with. All of the oil and lemon juice and a little salt how to earn I have some a win their well let's all served in individual. Bad order my entree here everybody loves. But blow chicken wings that we don't like the message of bones but it served might buffalo chicken in a cop. Everything and it didn't individual cup so I airport clubs and shredded chicken here. And too bad. Half a cup blue cheese dressing. Output cup problem. My little sauce mixed at all. And then later that the bottom of a cop and a top web site chopped celery and a little bit of blue cheese now. We're deserves. I love this is you can see from my sure. There's a hit a low ball hard and I loved him sills and adult now. I had a great presentation to make it this has me under adult supervision. So in this matter I have a little dry ice. Pour a little water already. Well enough science and act. Ed dig a little wonderful presentation and then again don't service with a dry ice have that same adult. Wannstedt dissipates about two to three minutes remove the bowl then present your bomb cost to your jets it again. This'll holdout on the dripping sweat. Right the mother of their etiquette as well ten. For and even other Independence Day celebration ideas check out tens FaceBook page at ten Laird cheers as well as our own paid WS and fans dot com. American CEO Tim Laird at the science experiment was a nice touch. Thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Tim Laird shows us some ideas for a patriotic party, including cherry sparkler cocktails and a tomato watermelon salad. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71573428","title":"Festive recipes for your July 4 bash","url":"/WNN/video/festive-recipes-july-bash-71573428"}