Festive Recipes to Spice up Your Super Bowl Party

Chef Mark Anthony Bailey shares a new take on some staple Super Bowl party recipes that are sure to impress your friends on game day!
4:36 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for Festive Recipes to Spice up Your Super Bowl Party
Focus on out of the teams are set for this year's Super Bowl but to want it is time for the rest of us. Track for growth but exactly we're going to be serving a virtual parties at so it's a tough decision we'll joining us this morning with some tasty ideas celebrated shaft. Celebrated chefs and cookbook Arthur Marc Anthony Bailey good morning mark great thank you for having me here and it's great to be celebrated chef I have no way that any celebrates a move alright yeah yeah as well this all looks. Yummy for the normal human city just knowing the for the basics is the basics of Super Bowl wings did some sliders you know you can't go wrong I hit him but. He deftly need to spice OK now let's start with the wings have it is you gained a wings MySpace agent and in this recipe is Tabasco sauce as well as client Peprah. So be ready for key it. No pun intended which he gave me wings but yet they're great they're easy. I love the combination of human has a lot of different things in here ginger powder as well it really gives everything persona one attendant scale of like how hot it yet I Hollywood is that eight. You won't allow unelected yeah look at eight because when you got cayenne pepper and and that's the sort campus it really does not believe anybody say anything else right but at the flavorful you know once you get to doesn't look very. Flavorful so it gives you don't act really good flavor but. Where does the gospel for the slide is going on here and he's a Hawaiian pork sliders. Now what I've done is I've done to variation on these I've done the Berger of the typical burger sliders which you know you get to ground pork. And and you season and accordingly obviously the recipe the and then I've also done Nam basically he's this is Smith feels. Season Carney says okay what you do is just copies enough in the pre season aha and just how from the oven real quick. And you can make the us led us that this is well. On the slightest got ham as well as well as. Apple so very what comes at Hawaii and I expect exactly right when you have the port is moving kind of gives it a little Cuban. Sandwich step field and I went back Cuba pork and ham and with the pineapple that kind almost makes it healthy. Exactly and brilliant pineapples you can put it on the the right ahead here if you put that on your you are you're still tough grilling get a good -- facing going out because that's was very active. Chile is a little different type of children got in Coronado while this is that you have what they've done is I've made it it's delicious Turkey chili. Once again to give my recipe online for a crash but what I've done is I've stuffed them in them like little bread spread growth you can like basically cut up the middle and governor and in there yet well it's not completely hollow itself with its aliens if it's much great yeah that's a cute little way you know it's individual sized people you're coming grab need to make an even smaller if you'd like. Or bigger you know you know you know that there's a you have to think it's a nice take on something that's. Good job isn't exactly right then putting in a typical bully him but it with a brand or writes what and yet. And last but not least dipped come on we can't do anything without debt. This is they and I'd be here this out bacon beer and cheese pose a guy only months before you vote yes I use had me bad behavior against Newt. Feel. Original home style bacon and dom basically when you make this is really simple actually got some onions and their garlic is something that in the bacon oil you didn't will be here. Com through your bacon bits in there. As Lewis that she's at Colby cheese mozzarella as well as children in the and cream cheese well here so really cheesy delicious again bacon and cheese and beer you can you know the true test whether any of the stuff is really going is whether Knoll. Likes it and all you want to help out at. And it took me critically on the spot. RX it's a but he think we're doing to dig into peace. Eight should this I think sirens sound amazing I like about my normal human being that's what I would be digging in had those given today yeah that's the end that's the woman we're so they're would do this McDougal and how quick visit to make the stuff. Still very simple like again the port is only thirty baht 45 minutes in the oven so and it's pre season so you can really get that done faster than you can the ground pork burgers. The wings again on the grill for any of them should try it. But really can't. And that's a bad I think we're at a time. Provisions of the Tug as a rather. It. We sent her pizza bill look live. Yeah that's one way of me plumbing and heating there as a private chef back could recover market but Bailey. Cheers so much less I have made very test of course you can find these and the other Super Bowl recipe ideas remarks web site. Contract Bailey got comment on our FaceBook page as well W and and fans dot com. We'll be right back to back world news now I guess I got out of it.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Chef Mark Anthony Bailey shares a new take on some staple Super Bowl party recipes that are sure to impress your friends on game day!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45215420","title":"Festive Recipes to Spice up Your Super Bowl Party","url":"/WNN/video/festive-recipes-spice-super-bowl-party-45215420"}