'Fifty Shades' Shake-Up: The Doctor Is Out

Charlie Hunnam cites a busy schedule as his reason for departing the upcoming film.
3:51 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for 'Fifty Shades' Shake-Up: The Doctor Is Out
Huge update there at the beginning of this skinny you guys remember we brought you the news that 450 shades of -- -- had a lead actor getting a lot of buzz some good some not so good. Charlene Honda was the guy he's on Sons of Anarchy he was the guy that was names to be. The main character right Christian -- -- -- -- The Hollywood reporter is now quoting sources saying that he is so incredibly overwhelmed. By the attention that he's been getting so much so that at a recent premiere four Sons of Anarchy the questions on -- red carpet. -- dominated by questions about fifty shades of gray what's going to be Eli what's he doing what's where I want to not wearing. Turns out he's now locked away from the role altogether. Now if you -- universe so all they say well -- TV schedule wasn't allowing him to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Greg. But two sources are telling the Hollywood reporter that that was in the case so overwhelmed by the attention in the media and from the fans. Universal had to hire bodyguards. He just wants nothing to an analogy -- he just wanted out a lot of money to female -- aren't there like three of these books entry I mean trilogy that's -- man that's a big payday yes it would be big payday but. At contingent that doing badly for himself -- -- and you can talk and asked but right. But typecast as a sexual object I don't know. That's such bad. -- how hot guy for three movies -- got back I listen to this Michael Douglas who came out 2010 said that he had stage four throat cancer. Get a cancer but it turns out it wasn't throat cancer he had a good reason for essentially you know kind of admits that within the little that he was out promoting his Wall -- -- movie. And he was diagnosed with cancer but it actually cancer of the talk. He talked to the doctor about it they couldn't just stop the middle promotions -- they -- -- -- Answer a million questions about this. The tongue cancer would actually -- in many ways be worse might required removing jawbone. Parts of the -- would ever be able to talk again today doctors suggested why are we to say he left throat cancer and leave -- that turns out in fact it was cancer the taunt. And it wasn't nearly as as bad as it could have been so they remove this old walnut sized tumor -- on. It has taken a job on. He's doing all right he stands -- brain -- and lesbian but it was not in fact her cancer. Was told him to -- -- that that would be you dead motivation behind the -- and said that on the UK talk show called the sport then cracked. All right so we've been hearing a lot about Robin -- ever since this networking -- sitting right at Lyonnais of Miley Cyrus OK well he is apparently giving. A pretty extensive interview to -- -- -- Oprah's next chapter on the own network. In which talks about a little bit about everything including. -- calling -- volatile marriage he's been married his high school sweetheart for twenty years they've had their ups and downs admitted by the bulk of them. We'll she asks a pretty interesting question about their -- take -- -- describe it recently as the most functional dysfunctional. -- -- it does -- just meaning that. Where we're no different than any couple out there we have our fights we have our our. Our problems but somehow there is this Big Bang theory that just pulls -- Pulls us close to each other and we are madly in love. Through the streets and -- that listen. You have to love yet to take time out of every single day to love your partner you can't say it's a loving you on Saturday -- -- don't have time to do with this week as people change every single day thoughts desires and securities change every day. You have to love them every single day with -- kids absolutely very cool and they make an adorable one had just and he gets on in the world. -- -- --

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{"id":20563361,"title":"'Fifty Shades' Shake-Up: The Doctor Is Out","duration":"3:51","description":"Charlie Hunnam cites a busy schedule as his reason for departing the upcoming film.","url":"/WNN/video/fifty-shades-shake-up-20563361","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}