Fine For Sagging Pants

Wildwood, N.J., will fine people $25 for sagging pants showing underwear or skin.
2:55 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Fine For Sagging Pants
Yeah. What you can't program you -- -- I -- I believe I remember that I can't I can't wait to hear that story fifteen minutes of fame back here anyway wildwood New Jersey place when you vacation does that. -- child yes they passed this drastic ban on those baggy put up the -- -- get a chance that. Hands on the ground let's say don't listen this has happened last night the couple are back in the overly sagging pants. The fines will be 25 dollars to 200 dollars for violators. And that it prohibits pants that troops two inches below the waist exposing skin or underwear apparently the mayor said that too many longtime visitors lot of -- people. Just complain about this and by the way the band has only on the boardwalk and it takes effect July 2 so sorry -- you can hear. We're undermanned camp and are sagging pants hook yeah man man man it's all about -- -- -- -- -- I think the beach you're right I believed what happened to -- Coming off the beach enjoying your pants shirt -- -- you're vulnerable to look like your -- not. I'm doing it because it's about -- fashion statement to be -- about -- hands can hit but he that you decided they. I'm with you like I mean who wants to look at that and who would be foolish not to look like that boy it is America that not only is America -- -- The beach and this three inches I mean -- You know -- uniformed police at my Catholic -- would go around in their ruler on my -- back I. Are we gonna have cops going around with rulers to check you know. That's next and I suspect that the -- This -- -- especially heartening thing now. I've got that. If you aren't expected dad this is pretty awesome -- -- has created a pair of -- that allow. The man in the the -- feel the movement of the child. In real time now these things are never gonna go into production unfortunately but -- -- has its video that they release admitted in a credible. Your kind of -- -- have the same time so mom -- the -- he's the out mom Martha bell at the same time that sounds wearing about and -- he's released this video. And you feel it happened that that dad feels that the exact same time and and some of the reactions of god does Weaver who were hooked up to that. It was pretty special one -- -- that I feel her move that the other case an adamant that he's moving a lot and that there -- is one of them you know a couple of vessels have. And Angela Allen belts pass that would resolve the -- development for the quickly you know these wedding proposals there is a guy who did a very interesting one he packed out of movie theater -- friends in -- and in between all the trailers his girlfriend sitting there unbeknownst to her. And he makes these videos got it. Her dad with a shotgun all this. And he basically proposes in -- trailer. Any marches ended down on one knee and proposes -- -- -- -- -- she said yes and the movie it was a -- standing -- -- packets of viral video.

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{"id":19389130,"title":"Fine For Sagging Pants","duration":"2:55","description":"Wildwood, N.J., will fine people $25 for sagging pants showing underwear or skin.","url":"/WNN/video/fine-sagging-pants-19389130","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}