Fireworks at Senate impeachment trial

The Republican-led Senate rejected all 11 Democratic-proposed amendments during the trial’s first full day. ABC News’ Elizabeth Hur reports.
2:26 | 01/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fireworks at Senate impeachment trial
We begin with breaking news from Capitol Hill fireworks on the first full day. President trumps impeachment trial a marathon debate over the rules stress into the wee hours of the morning a nasty clash erupted after midnight between president fronts legal team and the Democrats prosecuting the case. As Republicans defeated nearly a dozen amendments to the rules the exchange prompted Chief Justice John Roberts to admonish both sides about their language. ABC's Elizabeth her has been watching this all night. Elizabeth good morning. Caring Kenneth good morning to you and yes indeed it was a long day and night and many senate members left the building here exhausted but senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says day one was a good day. A victory for Republicans. And the impeachment trial president truck resuming today with opening statements this following a marathon session yesterday that stretched well past midnight. And a disorder on the ground rules. A program and some senators even seen rushing out of the building is the trial kicked off what at that fierce debate over the rule. It's the president trump. Does not want you to hear from ambassador Bolton. And the reason is nothing to do with the executive privilege with a southern nonsense. The only one who should be embarrassed. Mr. Nadler is you. This clash even prompting a rare moment Chief Justice John Roberts admonishing both sigh I think it is appropriate at this point. For me to admonish. Both the house managers and the president's council in equal terms. To remember that they are dressings the world's greatest deliberative body. Democrats spent most of the day arguing without additional witnesses court documents the trial amounts to a cover up but president Trump's lawyers fire back alleging house Democrats brushed to a pink pig without fighting for witnesses in court. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell did make some changes to his proposed rules. Now giving three days of opening statement and allowing the existing evidence. But Democrats kept fighting the house calls John Bolton. The house calls meant the Laney the question is will you let us. But all Democrats offered eleven amendments to the rules but in the end all were voted down almost entirely. Along party lines. Can I think Haley Elizabeth her there on Capitol Hill thank you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The Republican-led Senate rejected all 11 Democratic-proposed amendments during the trial’s first full day. ABC News’ Elizabeth Hur reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68445685","title":"Fireworks at Senate impeachment trial","url":"/WNN/video/fireworks-senate-impeachment-trial-68445685"}