Flight370 Airplane Mystery, Crimea and the News of the Week

Helicopter Crash, St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA Brackets made up the week's headlines.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flight370 Airplane Mystery, Crimea and the News of the Week
Time to rewind the week with our weekly Friday -- at topping the headlines of course that missing Malaysia airlines jet. But also making news with holiday controversy S -- -- revelation. And -- loans. Causing commotion. The terms of this airplane made even if we don't know the altitudes. Some bomb was very definitely in control of this airplane and do what we're doing those are really really treacherous deep seas. -- winter is coming. The rescue effort just continues to get difficult by the day. Food prices -- Ukraine is the most serious test of European security in the 21 century so far. We're exploring a number of additional steps to increase the pace and scope. Of our military cooperation. Including rotating US forces. They recorded a helicopter. And didn't think you know down on the ground now. And Bob Ryan is taking mom and news. -- Outside. This'll be the 23 year in New York City and it's not over until every -- -- to beekeepers you can march down the street behind a banner that says they are. Arizona vs Louisville. -- drove on back to fox. We have we -- -- about Michigan State going all the way to bring -- home for me but. Paid hypocrite because I wasn't OK with it but I was still doing I think is putting some perspective. On that that time that had been my thoughts that I. The thought that I had when I was in hand when I decided to leave. This act -- commode. With the tank. And everything to a -- he had the good -- righted the property line -- towards me. I -- I had enough so I have come out and build the -- kids. -- -- we want to remind you about a special feature for our FaceBook fans. It's called -- instead and you can check out all the highlights from our show was this week just one -- -- WNN fans dot com. To take a look and a woman who was talking about the toilets next door there's a Colorado man who put them up on the tree is calling them or work. But but there's other people in Colorado that saying its total rubbish and get the trash out of there and yes -- him down and he's got taken down. -- toilet like backyard but I would neither and you don't have friends but the into the toilets is still above the fence -- to look up and you see them I got a cool not qualified but it was -- -- it was fun to watch -- updates on FaceBook that you and you can stop.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Helicopter Crash, St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA Brackets made up the week's headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23000468","title":"Flight370 Airplane Mystery, Crimea and the News of the Week","url":"/WNN/video/flight370-airplane-mystery-crimea-news-week-23000468"}