Food and Drink Ideas for New Year's Day

America's chief entertaining officer, Tim Laird, shares his delicious recipes to help you indulge on New Year's Day.
4:20 | 01/01/15

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Transcript for Food and Drink Ideas for New Year's Day
I depending on whether you're starting your day in the endured Knight we're hoping you get some time to enjoy the big football games on this New Year's Day in. To get to the full effect to the needs of food Munis and drank time to help us help put the hands of America's. And author Tim way you helped us make it through New Year's that up right now is big time does that day we got to recover a little bit from what we do you know. Cannot say as you and I talked about one of our favorite drinks as the bloody murder and I mean it's a perfect drink tack cutting easy into the danger watching football game. In Evans fund. So what I like to do to make it easier to me is opposed. I've set up a self served bloody Mary station did you all right six is out there all the garnish is put up a hot sauces worst is your. Let your gas bill don't like they wanted to some like it kicked up some don't so. Let him have that it set your favorites bloody Mary mix I found this great one on line it's called bloody Kentucky. And they made this to actually makes with Berman as well as vodka so I'm gonna -- mine up its. New Year's Day I'm picking it up and take a little old force there which was actually America's first model Berman a seldom are all Forster goes gentlemen good Kentucky Mervyn. And two that women at my bloody Kentucky Elizabeth south strings to the government and the blood I know but you know it's if you think about this. Beetle blocked his view is great traditional bloody marys but Berger already has some flavors to it. So what's could enhance that bloody Mary mix and mix it up put in there whatever you want to have got a little. Pickle spear maybe a little spare guests and there it is. And it may year's judges with just the again just the money to talk peace Oslo there's no permanent that what's the difference and everybody had a I don't get it works out rules and you want this is good -- them. While that's good so are there any evidence really that a bloody Mary helped to with the hang over the next day people assuming that the believe that you know I I think what helped CU is it's just a little about the luminous spirit in and then that you all that mix and everything kind of settles the stomach and it works for me oh diaries I cannot drive itself at and I think for New Year's Day there's those good luck Fuji Esposito brings good luck for the entire year while one of those. Are Black Eyed Peas and incident is serving up lately are. I put a little bit of chopped pepper little chopped. Read in the end agreeing pampered little slant throw some time addressing. And it's great you can use this is a side dish. Or as it did so that's my black IPS dipped to bring in good luck getting alleges what's the setup and I like got no he's now even though is does bring good luck with your way to get your good luck and also had a nice dip as well. Another thing. Eating pork and beef but is a sign of prosperity and that always was that Sophia have that for your New Year's Day. Again prosperity is coming your way so. I have some portend a lawyer in sandwiches over here and then I had some left over roast beef up from by actually beef tenderloin. From my New Year's Eve party I just put us out of some bonds makes some sandwiches out of that that you're thinking ahead yeah yeah this stuff from other units next Wright did happen tomorrow and then finally for dessert. You're supposed to have something rounds to signify going full circle from 2004 team coming into 2015. So I set out some truffles so a little sweet treat two. In your New Year's Day as you're watching football halls other activities happen and you just it's just spoke about the you know the symbolism of some of the school what's the symbolism also leafy greens and wise well exactly on leafy greens represent money so the moral status of you what he's spinach your other leafy greens whatever you have. Then again that does signifies that you leafy greens whom do make you DREAM Act hit next agree money in the new years so that's one of those other ones. All right folks who got that for prosperity you need burglar usually got a good pal got black backing up. He'll be all right let's sit out today is far Dutch relative to Larry King isn't always good to have you that you can't do that's absolutely dead New Year's you've got it made us mixers not a the year before we see you that's right I absolutely look back TJ again as America's team and taking guided avenue residents. More parting tipping the army's book needs to begin in advance dot com. We will be right back.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"America's chief entertaining officer, Tim Laird, shares his delicious recipes to help you indulge on New Year's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27944680","title":"Food and Drink Ideas for New Year's Day","url":"/WNN/video/food-drink-ideas-years-day-27944680"}