Foodies Get Invited to Homes For Gourmet Meals

"EatWith" is a website that pairs foodies with aspiring chefs for great meals.
1:58 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Foodies Get Invited to Homes For Gourmet Meals
Spreading hate in your hungry don't -- and cooking. He could go out and order and for your choices are the same old same problems. -- what utility there's a new way to die down but involves going back home. Not your home. Someone else's. It's called eat -- and it's an online service that matches -- with people who are willing to open up their homes and cook for them. Meet I she's an aspiring chef who loves cooking for others and -- can't afford to open up her own restaurant. Kirk heat wave is -- do what she loves. And I am praying this kind of occupiers. -- does it feel like okay what's the menu for the next day this is my test kitchen. I guess -- -- suggested donation -- -- with takes 15%. But for I it's not about the money in rice as good and that's. Reaction team. For guests eating in a stranger's home is actually more fun than dying out some to customary whenever it's. Maintenance. I hated it was beautiful. -- wit is part of the new -- economy which -- services like air being beat allows users to earn money on stuff -- have. Although providing customers with more personal in authentic experiences -- Passionate about during the Clinton for us Covert support pod people it's not a restful when -- pumping -- hundreds of other victims and -- Both host and guests are screened beforehand you can read reviews about you can see. Exactly who you -- be sharing. For both parties it's about more than what's on the menu -- I love trying out different kind of continue to. And meeting with the kind of people to the next time -- training at different kind of dining experience try heading out. To -- yeah. -- and ABC news New York.

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{"id":20539985,"title":"Foodies Get Invited to Homes For Gourmet Meals","duration":"1:58","description":"\"EatWith\" is a website that pairs foodies with aspiring chefs for great meals.","url":"/WNN/video/foodies-invited-homes-gourmet-meals-20539985","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}