Fourth of July pet safety tips

ABC News' Will Ganss stopped by North Shore Animal League America to get tips to keep your dog safe during holiday fireworks displays.
2:57 | 07/04/19

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Transcript for Fourth of July pet safety tips
Its Independence Day which means Stanley and friends freedom fireworks. But what about four legged friends well for your pets up half fix fourth of July would be no fireworks at all. This loud noises and bright lights will send your pet into a tailspin. Luckily my pal doctor marina tejada from North Shore animal league America is here to make sure everyone has a dog on great holiday. If there are going to be fireworks nearby what do you suggest a pet owner does to make sure that there. 4 legged friends are happy and healthy on the fourth of July. So the one thing he should do is kind of keep coming in an isolated room that's kind of escape prints so make sure the windows are closed you don't have a screen that they could potentially. Pushed through and jump out I enemy to the windows closed at Hanna helped found out that knowing and also to the curtains close that we they're not seeing any flashes of lights. Doctor. TV kind of allowances be careful what you put on this cannot pretty olive fireworks display on TV. Becomes a kind of like a love the low he likes easy listening thanks thesis is kind of it. If you're thinking the music may not be enough doctor tejada says to ask of that. If there's a supplement that suitable for your dog to help calm them down but before any of that there are few things you can do as precautionary measures. Every animal should have identification on them so they should have a caller with your phone number around easily readable on there. You know that's going to be the easiest and fastest way for senate to get in contact with you. The second best thing is have a microchips but hopefully it never gets it. Need to make sure that you're yards chain Wright accidentally successfully. A good time to make stories had the perimeter offense there's no loose forward circles that potentially. Animal and east through and day. And and be sure you get that thanks our and now having it. It. And before the fireworks ever begin make sure your holiday picnic. Doesn't turn into a pop make TO. It's always hard to say now it's here puppy dog best looking at him looking activities they want to eat part of your hot I mean let's get back I just say no it's any table food and be sure you tell I'm your friends and family are over to do the same because you don't lines down of them to just go ahead and get them something about our knowledge of and at the end of the night when the sparklers have sparkled in everyone's done being a bottle rocket rock star at everyone's gonna clean up after themselves when they do light fireworks. So the debris can be hazardous to them so definitely anti animal honestly east and I where are they going into the first and the bushes are seemed exactly to the nothing there. But if you're traveling for the fourth and want to make sure your pet has a great holiday. Doctor G says it's actually pretty simple it's here advice days. We don't believe them now. Me that now. And then come home and tell them all about the beautiful fireworks displays offset. And they'll love you so much for just telling them I'm not exactly and I love it I love it.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss stopped by North Shore Animal League America to get tips to keep your dog safe during holiday fireworks displays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64127840","title":"Fourth of July pet safety tips","url":"/WNN/video/fourth-july-pet-safety-tips-64127840"}