Free Money With a Catch

ATMs have been setup for people to get free money, but they have to share the money.
2:54 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Free Money With a Catch
Love -- -- at a time for the makes a really interesting Maine yes and it starts with a really great story. Higher rates there's apparently. ATMs that had been set up around the world in several different countries and cities around the world. And apparently what you have to all you have to do is go to the AT and and there's a simple message on the screen it says get 100 euros or the equivalent of 131 dollars -- without a cart. Basically what it says it is you can get 131 dollars. But there's a catch you have to share it's a little bit it will respond if you say you want the money of course you say yes. -- and it said. But only if you agree to share of -- -- again -- -- -- and says -- any suggestions on where you want to show you where you want to give your money to sell AT -- has several options you can hire storyteller for the -- neighborhood are quite diapers were pregnant woman. And then AT and gives you that -- No love -- Then you cash -- no obligation to actually do what you just agreed to do so but the good news -- That there are people who actually went out and did the majority of the people who got -- -- the money from the ATM shared it with what their fellow man. -- our veterans in the wall. We'll have these in America and these are overseeing this is overseas. Have been happening in America yet so let's see if Americans are kind. No Rick Freedman an interim Arafat there I have to everybody -- -- -- talking. He had they're angels everywhere we hope this accidental story two there's this guy that's October Norman loves turning. Kind of -- exotica. Usual places in the hotels he's got -- with prisons before he -- -- wooden boats and now he's done with a plane take a look at us this whole this plane which actually used to belong to some. How leaders and he's -- east and east German leaders has jacuzzi has a Sauna has a bar. Has a luxury. Kitchen -- a flat screen. So he's invested in this thing and since two or three pretty comfortably to this played have been converted to a very high end hotel not a bad yeah. -- a little different locales go to cool day yeah. -- -- So if you are watching the Academy -- yesterday -- -- one of the biggest moments of the night was land the First Lady went on there and she was the one that announced two was best pitcher of the night. So how we saw that she was wearing this just a beautiful dress. It was metallic and it was spaghetti strap and it was absolutely gorgeous -- Transported. Today. And the -- any end Iraqi national news agency posted this picture and it's. Tiny -- can barely see why she all the -- ground Celine. And -- Higher -- Now apparently was edited batters so that it complies with the Islamic dress -- we'll win. Merely cover of the First Lady has the different -- do a little bit if fully -- the First Lady. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18595678,"title":"Free Money With a Catch","duration":"2:54","description":"ATMs have been setup for people to get free money, but they have to share the money.","url":"/WNN/video/atms-give-free-money-18595678","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}