Friday Rewind 7.5.13

Recapping the week from Julian Assange's exclusive interview to revolution in Egypt.
2:26 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Friday Rewind 7.5.13
They have been short week for most people what it was a busy week in the news here now look back is our Friday -- mind. Reminiscent of the revolution -- yeah. This -- is opposed to violently -- some factions particularly. Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood and that. Could leave Egypt down the road about civil violence which would be terrible we just lost. Nineteen some of the finest people who -- will be. I mean right now we're word crisis but we changed -- these types of emergencies but you know you never know what's gonna happen to you in the -- and so I left everything it happened you know I realize that this was to -- this wasn't. You know an exercise and and his death. -- -- all the way down to the ground and Stewart are taught to do. -- -- -- -- -- The representatives part -- and bomb us. That is blue -- -- the greatest -- the prosecution now trying to dismantles. A woman's testimony. By way of a thousand touched. His WikiLeaks have to have possession. Of those secrets right now. And look -- there is no stopping the publishing -- have been stage. -- great care has been taken to an actual. That mrs. burden to county pressured. By any states. -- to -- season. Publication of persons. Nelson Mandela showed us that one man's courage. We can move the world. We call on us to make choices the reflects. Not our fears. But our hopes. I asked him about -- -- girls -- doing they have big attack machine that can I remember to bring in our daughters on some of these trips and how meaningful it was to be let them. Well maybe the American that an all time I had ended a full life with these it has been banned British stand. Lodging areas which are very conditional about family. What a week and way to. But that's really and we -- plans I think the mad actually try to go to the beach for the first time this isn't static as we -- -- your most most people out there and enjoy their loans auto we're working all weeks on the try to get my doesn't -- Articulates a birthday on Sunday I was gonna thank you to tell everybody here again happy birthday twenty Y one -- -- -- finally during his years how much -- -- play. You know and I am I -- work -- -- -- -- -- but.

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{"id":19584059,"title":"Friday Rewind 7.5.13","duration":"2:26","description":"Recapping the week from Julian Assange's exclusive interview to revolution in Egypt.","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-7513-19584059","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}