FRIDAY REWIND: Amtrak derailment

Take a look back at this week's top news headlines, including the Amtrak train derailment in Washington state that left 3 dead.
3:00 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for FRIDAY REWIND: Amtrak derailment
Just one. We left in 27 team now but before we can get all sentimental to recap the year we had a busy week to reflect on. Yes from the outreach that was spurred by that airport black out to the war on Christmas. Right here in TV three. It's all in our F writer rewind. Sad things up on a more serious know what that Amtrak derailment in Washington State. Yeah three passengers are dead and dozens injured after nearly the entire train derailed and went off an overpass this baby about a college. Just like the NFL wild night it was about a foot. And it sounds like any Phillip bunker. The NTSB has just brief they are focusing on the speed of this train. As one of the focuses of the investigation saying that it was going eighty miles per hour in a thirty mile per hour zone. You have new developments in the deadly tour bus crash in Mexico several Americans are among the dead on a holiday trip. Authorities confirming twelve people were killed during a trip to the Mayan ruins the number of American tourists dead now stands at eight. There were a lot of technical. Many of them passengers on board the celebrity equinox ship that left from right here in Miami. Terrifying attack a driver in an SUV plowing into a crowd of Christmas shoppers and Australia and injuring more than a dozen. Witnesses saying they've done a bomb went off. And besides we believe you've seen these high deliberate action however he did a high divided. Why should turning now to the passage of sweeping tax overhaul poised to dramatically reshape the tax code. For the first time in decades. Play had also lowers attacks on American visits from 35%. All the way down to play 1% that's probably the biggest. Factor in this way become competitive all over the world. Travelers trapped at the world's busiest airport. And so I'm in a massive power outage bringing Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson international airport to a standstill in the lights flickered once I was really scary. That powerful it restored just before midnight Georgia power apologizing for the fire which they say it started in the service. In London they have created the regional group L if you despise Christmas then this is a place for you how can go into this room okay. And just beat the living crap out of a Christmas tree and. I had no Elliott supposed to happen in the confines of that room. Oh in the room I don't know if that's all it's been staring at me for so long. I am in the spirit of the train withstand your attack did. Amazing relationship why not not a single ornament dropped from that tree when I tried to attack it so where you rental you understand how glad I love I love Christmas and it's.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Take a look back at this week's top news headlines, including the Amtrak train derailment in Washington state that left 3 dead. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51952838","title":"FRIDAY REWIND: Amtrak derailment","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-amtrak-derailment-51952838"}