Friday Rewind: California mudslides

Take a look at this week's top stories, including the devastating mudslides that swept through Southern California.
2:58 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: California mudslides
Our air wrapping up the week woods as far as you know. Yes as we know of course it was a devastating floods and mudslides in California to the historic meeting between north and South Korea this ain't been a busy week for Sharon now here's our weekly Friday wiwa and after the wildfires. Now staggering amounts of rain triggering deadly mudslides in California. Firefighters tell them. You're right Darren katic house on a madhouse. Download. The only words I can't really think if you describe what looked like was it looked like World War I battle. Breaking overnight the first high stakes meeting between north and South Korea in two years the north Koreans have agreed to take part in the Winter Olympics next month south. Koreans promised the US they will not carpenter position on banning nuclear weapons or lifting sanctions. The judge blocks president Charles plan to roll back protections for dreamers after that unprecedented meeting the president would leaders from both parties on live TV and trying to negotiate an immigration deal. There any agreement without the wall. I don't feel I'm also women rocked the Golden Globes acceptance speech so bold and sparking rumors of a presidential run. All the Burroughs watching here at mountain. Seven do. Today is a non. Again. You never sends Jack Wednesday news now name and you were never really. Yeah. Overhears them talking about us. Where only knew we should take somebody else so we can make sure she gets on the team room and I remember. Heard telling them I know what the hell you talking about me. Eyes gain. Sweet picture. Alabama Crimson Tide rolling over Georgia ended overtime thriller. Players and I've never been happier. Finally a man finds out that black I said what it can be painful he's heading to work. Just a normal day vote that Vince and the slipping sliding he didn't sell out a dummy yeah okay now. Okay. Case of the Mondays fan but that mangan is not win this we have not had and what a week for Oprah I mean you had the highs and that quite the lows were of course you she got the idea they legendary honor there at the Golden Globes and then. She wants there all of the the month comes. Best here are my house have really found. For many when he was infected and.

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{"id":52302325,"title":"Friday Rewind: California mudslides","duration":"2:58","description":"Take a look at this week's top stories, including the devastating mudslides that swept through Southern California.","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-california-mudslides-52302325","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}