Friday Rewind: Possible missile strike on Syria

Take a look at the top stories from this week, including a warning of a possible U.S. attack in Syria.
2:55 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Possible missile strike on Syria
Britain still out of breath but. Ghost had absolute must approve. Barrett and this week on the edge of a potential military conflict we also have to remember some of the fun we had this week yeah I'm not sure I'm ready for all that again but. Here it all goes your weekly Friday remind. This region and the world now awaits potential action against Syria after that horrific chemical attack here president trump in the last 24 hours. Warning that missiles nice new and Smart were coming. Whom seeing images are difficult to war. We can't even show you who blistered it. Will be man. And it will be met forcefully and Mark Zuckerberg grilled it was my mistake. I'm sorry the embattled FaceBook CEO back on Capitol Hill calling this an arms race with Russia. After that bruising marathon session of our major privacy changes coming to the social media giant was no data included. In the data sold to the malicious parties. Ending ovation for the speaker of the house Paul Ryan breaking the news to his staff. After nearly twenty years in congress he is retiring he insists it has nothing to do with his rocky relationship with the president. For the prospect Republicans could take a beating in the mid terms didn't have chance you might not be speaker come November if Democrats possibly take the house factor at all into this decision whatsoever actually. The raid late today a president Trump's personal lawyer and friend Michael Cullen. The FBI raiding his office is home at a hotel room seizing records and files. How were you. It was the tape that many people believed could destroy Donald Trump's presidential hopes ABC news has learned investigators want any records or documents. Connect didn't discussions Cohen had about that Access Hollywood taped. At the height of the campaign. From a port timed math tutor to the oldest American rookie in the last fifty years scoring nineteen points including going four for five from three point range. So who else could possibly. Get the game bowl. But agreed to years it's. It's more wonderful years after you enter it all doesn't regulate. Bring home we love you guys. Good. Jeanne thank all of this for watching your ID rob Nelson I. Still so. Bragged absolutely a big weekend ahead because it is time for beat Charlotte Coachella. The night the. Everybody's waiting movie for a big return to the desert.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Take a look at the top stories from this week, including a warning of a possible U.S. attack in Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54439240","title":"Friday Rewind: Possible missile strike on Syria","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-missile-strike-syria-54439240"}