Funeral today for American family killed in Mexico

Family members say they’re convinced the family was intentionally targeted. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports.
2:21 | 11/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Funeral today for American family killed in Mexico
Now to the Americans caught in the middle of the Mexican drug wars funerals begin today for nine members of the same family killed during an ambush. Officials say it may be a case of mistaken identity but this morning the victims' relatives say they believe their family was targeted. This morning members of the Mexican military are standing guard protecting the Mormon compound in American family left just before they were massacred. Nine members of the family were killed in the attack. Including six children. Officials believe drug traffickers attacked the family as they were traveling to a wedding possibly confusing them with the rival gang summons more. Awful when. We ending any of us kind of imaginable Kendra Miller was the bride to be in the wedding she and other family members say they are now convinced the family was intentionally targeted. To spark a new battle in the ongoing war between drug gangs. Senior senior Finley was used as ponds yes. What kind of men can even call themselves men that murdered women and children and they we we believe that they did in central. ABC's Tom yum is made his way to the compound one of the reasons why the drug cartels are so prominent in this areas because it is of remote border region. Just driving through here as you can see is incredibly capable. There are never ending winding roads and now he's everywhere you look it's still hard to gauge here and that's one of the reasons why it's so hard to. Police once there Tom found Cooley into a parent a relative who service for the victims after the Hanley realized something had gone wrong. He came upon one of the mothers suvs she was lying on the side of the wrote shot in the heart. In the passenger seat her baby named faith. So the bore hole through the that the the canopy on the summit on the course he we open the cabin in the baby smile and. The American tour Mormon fundamentalists have been in this area of northern Mexico for decades long before the drug cartels took over. Now the Mexican government says two local cartels are locked in a war a lot of Americans are gonna say why did you guys stay living here with all this drug violence surrounding you. Well there's a lot of goodness around the student. The there's a look there's thugs just were around this but the most of the people are good people. The Mexican officials are vowing to find the killers they see they're now sharing information with the FBI.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Family members say they’re convinced the family was intentionally targeted. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66820422","title":"Funeral today for American family killed in Mexico","url":"/WNN/video/funeral-today-american-family-killed-mexico-66820422"}