Gadgets for Your DIY Projects

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reviews some of the latest hardware gadgets for your home improvement needs.
4:31 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for Gadgets for Your DIY Projects
Springtime is home improvement time for homeowners and there was no lack of new gizmos and gadgets. The helpless or what the house and the yard into shape or the summer. At this year's national hardware show that was held in Las Vegas and fresh from sin city. Is our own mandate DeBartolo Dick good morning good morning I exciting show yes it what are you handy person are you build your own home might give instructions. I. Fixed that picnic facility OK OK so what we have always this is from works and this is there switched driver so what you're working on a project he. Drill a hole in instead of having to switch to drill out for this screw driver. You just press that. And bring up the second shock and now you can use it drives her call this a just flip it around. It has to speed motor it has a little torque control them here so yeah. And comes with its two batteries. Aka cuts with a couple of bits the driver and it's under hundred dollars. And it's great price a great price could kill that are from works we're got to go to Vegas for a minute now via video to show you this shady Marines. Fan and share. So this is meat so this is a full double chair how to speed fans get it comes with a little USB external battery charger and that is what runs the fan. It Pakistan up the fares in in the canopy allow canopy is totally adjustable up and down the chairs under ten pounds all packed up. And with a little included battery pack it runs that the fan up there can run for some tailgate yeah it runs six to eight hours. Depending on the speed of the fan he needed here there and you can comes with a little a charge it to run the fan there'd been these before but they ran on flashlight battery okay. With very expensive with the rechargeable. You save money the snappy mouse trap I hate mouse trap okay. So this happy mousetrap isn't easy to set mouse trapped in just bring that down against that make sure not to touch the back now it's set. Okay you sound like here is dubious here. OK the mild weather those messy ones each. Okay and then if you catch amounts you can actually use this to carry that mouse would just still disgusting. Well what else would you like tech. Then they're they're great if you vitamin via in my book for an Amazon for nine dollars ready to not do you have that much of the most prevalent all law I think I looked in my Siegelman aide. So we do it you have to keep of that. No okay what doesn't matter but as a matter no. Mccandless is really need this is called the not a lock lock OK so used do you think it's locked yet but if you give didn't show up. And this is for things where. You don't believe you lock up for five minutes you don't want to lock the lock and go back and do the combination he just playing that close and so can't the fees do that as well well but data I passed it around and people don't well how he opened. OK so is all the rooms it's a clever. You know like like fake security cameras are about purity signs that's the novel lock lock it. Any felt like doc block island these are gonna love yep but this this is real and it. Yeah. I have a real when you're not okay and then this final got. This is to win this thing at the show the path peel and stick standing laden OK so now you put the glove on debt that comes with. Three different drip it's. And they looked like this yet when it's time to sin. You just what we do that when. If you slam it on to the club doesn't even matter if it's not. So now you can go through up on Aladdin. Don't worry about seeing papal falling because it's attached to the glove if you want changed to a different grit. You can actually do I have this thing I've ever had dinner yet. On its you can change creates real easy and it's not on Amazon yet the guy said he thinks the whole kit the gloves. Old different evenly and hazel only my skin but this screw you all Linda TN. That they think it's gotta be and a twenty bucks all right thank you and for complete details by the way on these and other children home improvement got to visit their website at. Guess what is that bids cougar effect. He went around him.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reviews some of the latest hardware gadgets for your home improvement needs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39162215","title":"Gadgets for Your DIY Projects","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets-diy-projects-39162215"}