Must-Have Gadgets for the Summer Travel Season

GizWiz Dick DeBartolo reveals the hottest travel gadgets to bring on your next vacation.
4:12 | 04/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Must-Have Gadgets for the Summer Travel Season
With summer vacation season fast approaching you might wanna leave a little room in your luggage for this year's crop of must have travel gadgets. And joining us this morning to show them optic DeBartolo. Is with that bid is here good morning dec. Good morning I had some fun stuff al-Qaeda hands everybody wants an action cam but there pretty expensive -- it this is the watts tacked. And it's going to 200 dollars apparently and has a lot of feature is for under two an adult. It had to view cam built in you can still uses your Smartphone stream video from this to your small record about. If you want OK but you have a do you find that microphone speaker. And it comes with a little watched so few wearing this on your helmet. You can start and stop video you can also shoot still pictures just by using the watch and no controlling camera and I bet he can take. Are really great self nearly got him. But it just didn't get to rid light. Then in the good bat. Beautiful. I'll think an eight by ten. To wallet size. Of course let me let me bring get a traveling have to worry about the batteries running them. Exactly so that's why we have this healthy in this healthy we have the power stubby. And this is a 5200 million battery so it's a camera grip it works with this camera but it works as almost every camera comes with different amounts. A 52 mile campus that they 200 millions. That congeniality English. Federal judge your iPhone like four times are out of power and it'll run this camera like six to ten hours often OK so it's a lot of talent OK OK and I and that's coming may June so that that's the brand and this I think I am and I'm getting a travel. Yes exactly so the drug if you going to dry climate you can use this it runs at your computer or any little external USB Chela get a Catholic thing about it is that it's designed to go in any water bottle that happened had. So even down to those tiny little water bottles that you polite he snapped this in and the rings grabbed the bottle. And then in the summer time you can put ice what are and and use. Have a little cool and mess there and who missed them that's really and that's is this for security and yeah. Little lamb or around Atlanta Belle looked Hillary you back you know that is. They're gonna tell me this. It's a travel lamp. OK so the travel and designed for your backpack actually threw my back had to bring you so it usually twist this twisted again that's the base now it opens up. Now we had three different levels. And we can tilt it that way. And you donate an it department thing you know eight year banking get six to eight hours out of it if you charge it. But if you want to use it as a computer light you can plug this into the back this goes into your computer checks how is it and charges it. It also comes within AC adapter so you can run from the wall. And I don't know if given go to a hotel and they don't have a desk lamp drives me creeds. And you get a ticket if you can't thing that had absolutely you can use it for an emergency like to pal goes out in your house and called up nice and small in the carry around there you go there you go AA finally these guys that an iron hand you know I am. Big Vegas person here so. You have any fines. Two. Up today. I'm really glad to tell you to go fish yeah I doubt everybody everybody's been telling that all they get so there waterproof their plastic you can see through the mix that you can see that the person's hand right very ordinary just about it 78 books on Amazon. So if you want to play cause in the hot tub at the pool at the beach it's an easy way to do it that's pretty and a little waterproof container that carried them. Candy and we even ever travel let me analog satellite we have our remember I don't have our camera let's go I never stood a. We'll have to get one of us would get will finally against anyone or we can and well Dick thanks so much it's always great Hooper felt great to have you. Again he can that Dick DeBartolo florist for more information on these and lots of other fun gadgets you can check out Dicks website gives the wind done bid. We'll be right back you're watching world news them.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"GizWiz Dick DeBartolo reveals the hottest travel gadgets to bring on your next vacation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38501512","title":"Must-Have Gadgets for the Summer Travel Season","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets-summer-travel-season-38501512"}