Gas pipeline restarts operations

Drivers are rushing to fill up and are draining supplies. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi reports on new revelations about the pipeline’s security flaws.
2:39 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for Gas pipeline restarts operations
This morning drivers across the south are rushing to gas stations. To fill up what ever they can. Decades a water bottle. A water bottle of Tiffany and I'll black man bites. Even water bottles. The Consumer Product Safety Commission now warning people to quote used only containers approved for fuel in Alabama couple was seen filling up at least seven gas cans. In the back of their SUV. All. In North Carolina this fight breaking out. After witnesses say the woman tried to cut the line drivers or even lining up with there's no gas shortage like here and Fort Lauderdale. Experts call it a classic case of panic buying. I think a lot of people are topping their tank because they're worried because they don't really understand. The situation. They don't they they know that there's a problem with this pipeline. They don't really understand what it. Mean info also shut down of that critical pipeline which carries 100 million barrels of fuel to the East Coast every day. Colonial reasserted its pipeline yesterday five days after Russia linked hackers. Forced them to shut it down but it could take two weeks to fully restore operations supply problems and panic buying and resulted. And thousands of gas stations from Florida to Virginia running out of fuel guest issues to be tracked. Hate this is my sex everything as but I. Out of Gaza overnight analysts say more than 70% of gas stations and metro Atlanta were out of fuel and the same percentage for the entire state of North Carolina. In Durham county people are being asked to work remotely until further notice to save gas. Tracking site gas but he says fewer shortages are expected today and gradual improvements is likely in the next 48 hours. But the demand is already fueling the spike in prices now topping three dollars a gallon for the first time since when he fourteen with price gouging rampant. The price at this station in Virginia 699. A gallon six gallons of debts. 430 fat about it that's absolutely ridiculous in the meantime new revelations about security at the pipeline company. The Associated Press reports and audit three years ago found glaring deficiencies. The firm that conducted the audit saying quote an eighth grader could have hacked into that's system in response colonial says its workers are constantly assessing. And improving our security practices. Both physical and digital colonial has not said how hackers gained access to its network. Or if a ransom was paid. President Biden has signed an executive order to improve cyber security and calls for better information sharing between the government and private sector. And establishes a cyber safety review board.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Drivers are rushing to fill up and are draining supplies. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi reports on new revelations about the pipeline’s security flaws. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77663387","title":"Gas pipeline restarts operations","url":"/WNN/video/gas-pipeline-restarts-operations-77663387"}