Welcome to Gatorland

Our Tom Kelly takes us to a place in Central Florida where visitors can get up close and personal with one of nature’s most vicious predators.
2:38 | 11/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Welcome to Gatorland
Welcome to get funeral it and Gator land is an old style Florida roadside tourist attraction that has been open since 1949. It felt sort of used to bake. Park owners promoted as Florida's best half day attraction. Terrific and it's pretty fascinating. It's part theme park animal show. And conservatory watching. Beat Brandon Fisher who's now executive girl that caught stuff in the backyard went out in the woods cost of Brooklyn house and terrorized my mom and dad live living animals you know like living in my drawer and you feel safe going in on. Right now this hour Artur got branded a war and and that our camera guys Steve. On the first governor tours great and happy feeds them smaller alligator. Play over here big guy in the middle. And might look like water recently somewhat wanted to point. We'll play when my name on things like Blackwater and play yet the get a get a little hands the city for. They've. Our second stop was a little more in. He got a mild that it my. We're why he you know that. Rock and roll hall like. Actually they can't put that Smart advice. Belied his advice was about to come in handy is brand into communities Gator lands second largest alligator. Chester second hopman. Desolation is small about big drag drag him to Baghdad small look at universal came took. Busy Macon and only okay here's the latest as the drag. There are. Bad. The Bill Gates a group of we got rats for being cut back yeah this is a lot of fun this place is the best path they had spent little while but it. Aren't these children he's gonna find someone else at ABC news who can call live alligator I got the lines and dangerous animals and I've lived over the hill so it's Tom Kelly. In Orlando fla at Gator when saying see you later alligator. You can I think the New York City but there are no alligators in Brooklyn no they're not -- whole list of alligator facts here on the term do you live in Orlando those being cited unidentified people I never. Atlanta Gator layout. Right before the United Kingdom my dog getting eaten by an out there are still happen happy Thanksgiving you know.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Our Tom Kelly takes us to a place in Central Florida where visitors can get up close and personal with one of nature’s most vicious predators.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67375189","title":"Welcome to Gatorland","url":"/WNN/video/gatorland--67375189"}