Gay player makes NFL history

Raiders’ lineman Carl Nassib announced he is gay, making him the first active NFL player to come out publicly. ABC News’ Will Ganss has more.
3:28 | 06/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gay player makes NFL history
Karl's head coach Jon Gruden telling ESPN I learned a long time ago that what makes man different. Is what makes some great this morning the league in sports icons are honoring Carl's uniqueness and celebrating his current. This morning history made in the NFL. Towards a quick moment to say that I'm day. I'm the mean in dues for awhile now but I was so called warm up to get off my chest. Carl massive defensive end for Las Vegas becoming the first active NFL player to come out its historic. The first openly gay active NFL players believe in playing deeper more than a hundred years that's when he eight year old writing that he's agonized over this moment for the last fifteen years. Pretty private person so because know that I'm really not doing this for attention. Com I just think that representation of visibility are so important. In sports it's still a big deal when people come out because there is not a lot of representation. And I think they dynamics are coming out in teens or you're dealing with personalities are so many different he. All NFL commissioner Roger Goodell releasing a statement saying quote. The NFL family is proud of Karl for core Regis Lee sharing his truth today tweets of support coming from other NFL stars like say Kwon Barkley. JJ watt Julian Andelman. And the raiders organization sweeting proud of you Carl. It's been a long and slow march up the fields Ford's LG BTQ plus inclusion in the NFL. More than 45 years ago Dave co pay became the first former player to come out three years after he left the NFL. The headline dander reading. Dave co pay ex NFL player admits being a homosexual. Since then Michael sand came out before he was drafted but never played regular season games. But only one day. It is like this and all coming out processor is just not necessary. But until then you know men do my best and do my part to cold critical for the success thing as compassionate. To the LG BT cubicleescape sitting at home who sees this radeon mr. Graham you know my. Find a lot of hope there. Going to be a really big deal for or especially young athletes. Who often struggle with their own coming out really makes. An emotional it reminds me let me being young and I'm to concede that representation and to see it now in pro sports and to see it more an Olympics or. It's it changes the game and the world is watching these banks. All eyes and Carl massive as he heads into training camp at the raiders. Ahead of his sixth season in the NFL about a time this season comes around raider fans go there to care about can he sacked recorder. You know the sexual orientation had nothing to do it. In addition to coming out Carl that's it also announcing a 100000. Dollar donation to the Trevor project. An organization that does incredibly important work that LG BTQ plus youth and suicide prevention this is an historic moment for the community and for representation in pro sports. Just at the end of pride month you guys and will we know the NFL commissioner has already said he's proud of NASA but what do we know about the broader impact of this announcement. And why does it matter a lot of people on Twitter asking that question why does it matter why are we talking about it well a report from the Trevor project shows that. Just one accepting adult can reduce the risk of suicide attempts by LG BTQ youth. By 40% you guys so that's like this courageous based courage is hopefully contagious representation matters advance that Lilly thank you.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Raiders’ lineman Carl Nassib announced he is gay, making him the first active NFL player to come out publicly. ABC News’ Will Ganss has more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78416361","title":"Gay player makes NFL history","url":"/WNN/video/gay-player-makes-nfl-history-78416361"}