George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Call It Quits

The actor-director and his long-time girlfriend end their relationship.
3:31 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Call It Quits
All right latest celebrity -- to tell you about George Clooney and Stacy Keebler had called its really George Clooney just one of those guys is that the site. Diehard -- and he will be a bachelor for ever he's 52 she's 33. And they have caller good deal -- -- And captain. No matter what she's asking if our. So anyway according to people they have this exclusively. She wants kids he has always said very clearly that he. Has only one opinion about having kids and it's that he doesn't want to have any sound. People says they talked to they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago so there it. That's the break up there still friendly they -- -- remaining friends they just. Realize that they are on opposite ends of the having kids. Spectrum also involved there are some time there's some talk here that navy something else had to do with -- the fact that there are both traveling Spanish that's picking -- he's obviously a mega movie star he's always traveling. They don't spend a -- lot of time together they didn't -- and the holiday to get any you know -- you need -- reason. Maybe that's is maybe it's that very Italian eateries and sell anyway that's the latest celebrity had break up news area they -- -- -- Georgia I think it's pretty awesome I recommended. New York post's page six this is unfortunate Mariah Carey -- the hostel apparently after dislocating her shoulder on a video set according to a page six. In the post and they said that she was rushed to New York's Hospital for Special Surgery on every side last night. After she fell while making -- -- of -- song beautiful. Kerry spokesman said she's injured while filming the video of the -- attributable to directed by her husband Nick Cannon. Taking a hospital they reset her shoulders apparently fine and recovering at home. And the video by the way was filled avenues and -- and sit down and Chelsea. So they have -- we. Dance moves but she's doing yet -- there was some speculation look at the post article that she might trip -- Craig. They have me and one of those tiny tiny skirts that she's wearing it is so. Beyoncé and her sister's salon -- apparently did not go to their dad's wedding mean. So daddy. There he is Matthew Knowles separated from his wife of 31 years the mom of those two beautiful ladies. Back in 2009 after she discovered that he had fathered a baby. With another woman while they were together anyway fast forward to 2011. And he needs another woman they decide to tie the knot. He does that on June 30 but his famous daughters weren't there. He -- unfortunately accounting for lunch had previous engagements which made it impossible for them to the ten and that is church. They've obviously on this you know concert tour her mrs. Carter show world tour. -- -- also performed at music festival in England so there -- clear reason that they weren't there. There's a lot of speculation that this might be all about -- ripped. -- -- Quickly Matt Damon. I gave a very good article were interview to Esquire Magazine he opened up about a lot of things one of the things that was interesting as he started movies and Williams eighteen years old mystic pizza was -- -- want. But he says the reason why didn't start earlier his mother thought it was child abuse -- she was a professor specialize in child development she said it's just too early so. She said that whose child abuse you want to do it married actually was eighteen years -- By the way George Clooney has been married -- -- --

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{"id":19613434,"title":"George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Call It Quits","duration":"3:31","description":"The actor-director and his long-time girlfriend end their relationship.","url":"/WNN/video/george-clooney-stacy-keibler-call-quits-19613434","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}