Girl Genius Gets Wows Online

An online video of a four-year-girl genius naming state capitols amazes viewers and her parents.
2:54 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Girl Genius Gets Wows Online
So unwelcome and that makes it got a lot of great stories in the -- are gonna start toddlers four years -- who. Also is -- Smart -- you and me and you and Nolan everybody else everybody else. In -- -- and probably the whole building and take a listen to her mom quizzing her -- from capitol. Maybe we'll have that happen. Can't happen the United Kingdom. What about -- me. She goes on and on like this you can name the countries all over the world's number -- -- that the -- and dad told -- allow that she apparently learned the output when she was four months Ole -- By the time of the year and I have yet mastered -- numbers in Spanish if you can believe it. They added to its -- -- said that she's always correcting grammar dad says she knows she's a heart that her dad at. -- tell them there appears to have to first base his. Yes Jack any event I you highway 845. And she needed -- -- and theft. Flying colors that -- the best -- -- did when she gets older she wants to help people when Skinner also off. I think you wanna bees and engineering and -- yeah. He now has helped -- I -- establishing the biggest baby ever born in Germany just happened thirteen and a half pounds just about. People on Friday -- baby girl gasoline -- like point six. City hospital in Leipzig you believe that and the mother yet she delivered it the real way C section there -- painful. Breaks the record. Four a boy that was -- less. -- British mother gave birth naturally by the way to a fifteen pound baby. Recently in -- he -- are gonna do after giving birth to these children. How many left -- -- all of this we can't. Never mind of this like womanly thing over relating this kind of tea commercial knows enough about I'll Atlantic. Heart health care hugging our credit here don't think that you're gonna save -- thank you all day this is disabled puppy was learning to -- -- -- the -- he was born. They called swimmer poppy syndrome it sounds really cute but it's actually a nasty disorder that doesn't let -- sit walker stands welcome -- foundation founded. -- foundation by the way is devoted to giving animals with birth defects. A fighting chance take a look at me now. And I rented yet. Granted he's still a long way to go out -- isn't the first time that he ever walked. -- -- -- -- what an adorable adorable pets -- go out there.

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{"id":19812119,"title":"Girl Genius Gets Wows Online","duration":"2:54","description":"An online video of a four-year-girl genius naming state capitols amazes viewers and her parents.","url":"/WNN/video/girl-genius-state-capitols-viral-video-19812119","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}