Give Yourself A Spooky Look

ABC's Bethany Owings gets expert advice on Halloween makeup.
3:00 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Give Yourself A Spooky Look
So that I things about what cost and where this Halloween there's. Often an important detail make no matter how great your company as it moves since. The things to the present and the online make up tutorials show there are easy ways to have a professional look done. To put ABC's been the only disputes experts about. At that time of year. Somebody else and turning to popular online makeup tutorials. And learning how to make their home. At home. Back you learn. Repetitious don't we're gonna take these Costa most of the next well welcome to Halloween at the home of Hostin designer for the stars Patricia field yeah. That's the best known for her work clothes in the city. Make up artist or are you Tommy for the day was Dino. Ian on all the latest trends lot of senators. And living very different for him I am going to get you. All play it to do a separate Stockholm. You don't run for full service beauty parlor downstairs fact that the her three tips don't be afraid and a kidney is really eclectic and create it. You sit them down and say you know hey hey it's all about your special touch. The way that you personalize it that. We are gong to add. Hey let's it's my hair. And that's your personal facts and contour you want shadows and you YT shirt salmon a Contra. War. So scary I frightened myself. Go go a designer at paddy fields says I'm not finished yet like all of it except the right thing but quickly the rest. Bring ability the crowd did not. Take a look at the virulent and he. For world news now I'm Camille wing the BBC news New York. Pretty heads that's what we didn't make up hot but you can go the other direction in just skip the meeting go OK the disc format of the experiment gone. Can just go that route to have seat look at that simplicity thing. What went back for that's a process tucked out.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Bethany Owings gets expert advice on Halloween makeup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26597050","title":"Give Yourself A Spooky Look","url":"/WNN/video/give-yourself-a-spooky-look-26597050"}