First Glimpse at 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Stars in Character

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
3:44 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for First Glimpse at 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Stars in Character
I -- -- into the anywhere starting with the magazine cover this -- and that Entertainment Weekly -- on the cover is Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson why does anybody care about that. Because they are the new stars of the new movie fifty shades of gray Christian gray -- and -- still. -- announce we now know now when intended in 2014. But a year later. The new. Opening date they are hoping to release this new movie that they've had all kinds of snafus with scheduling of starting the filming and also because they had to change -- main character because. Charlie -- bowed out in the eleventh hour. And now we got the new guy Elise on there on the covers so they had says start from scratch basically so now there's all kinds of delays -- We've back on track and their opening to have this movie out Valentine's Day weekend 2015. To get -- -- already. All right. -- Mariah Carey having some choice words in an interview with hot ninety seven's Angie Martinez she says her season last year on American Idol was like going to hell every day and working. With Satan that take a look at the judges she's friends of Randy. You know Keith Urban big guy so we got a hunch we know Hussein and it's -- anyway lets us in the south. Concept that is can be a three person panel he gave me it's -- -- dangling. Monetary moment it was like hell I going to work every day in hell with Satan Chris really. It's a once again I don't know making the national -- but I think it's pretty safe bet -- gotten some very heated debates during the audition process occasionally they took the feud on line. It's LA galaxy and it was disappointing she said by the way for political reasons when people were not you know we're we're let go -- she also talked about process and how she really -- the contestants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 I am putting you you don't like your -- Do every year working -- -- not come. You don't think that -- they're just not coming back no -- last night. Someone new coming back and I can't believe this because she's coming back with a -- -- -- tend to appear for a little while she's like -- she's everywhere. But really she's turning forty the big four -- in January January 16 to be exact. And she's celebrating yeah she's celebrating turning forty by posing for -- -- so here is like a preview shot. The what we can expect although I'm sure we can expect much much more tidbits full on Baring it all sports for the label and you floors everyone else's enjoyment from there. -- got a plan. That's an old picture of back in the day that is Kate -- -- right now. She looks so much better as they. What's the word voluptuous woman instead of when she was so skinny back early in her if she's pretty but she she well -- today I like this version better -- Mark wallboard -- -- that is slamming Tom Cruise Tom Cruise the daily news got some deposition in a court case where. Crews made -- -- -- talking about -- almost acting is like almost being a soldier warmer and -- went off and said -- basically you -- -- -- kidding me you know at the end of the day you're going home. -- -- hotel room you're reading your fried chicken fast food. It is not war does not like being soldiers so he's -- -- just blasting Tom Cruise on this one and he certainly can understand that it's probably not the best analogy right. Probably not I think I think what Tom was trying to say is being away from his cage fell so I can understand how we haven't heard from -- -- and -- -- of course the probably say all the right things I don't think he really means them but I gotta be careful when you compare yourself to people risking their lives we.

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{"id":20884900,"title":"First Glimpse at 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Stars in Character ","duration":"3:44","description":"Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly. ","url":"/WNN/video/glimpse-fifty-shades-grey-stars-character-20884900","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}