Golden Globe Awards: Top Moments, Winners

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on what left people talking.
4:08 | 01/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Globe Awards: Top Moments, Winners
Welcome back everybody some great moments in last night's Golden Globe awards show and he can't go wrong let's face it with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- -- as co host and what -- travel that there was also. A surprise guest as well as everybody talking here to let us know more about the show -- music and media critic Bruno -- were not always good have you live here on the -- -- Interesting awards show last night for a lot of reasons so -- -- the basic -- the Hollywood foreign press who are these folks and these these -- guys who vote. For all the -- yes this chili's is basically made -- -- by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that's a hundred journalists from around the world. Who sit in a room and basically put together nominations so a hundred people are deciding whether nominees. Vs 6000 Academy Award memberships -- the Oscars so much smaller now or you're here are excellent some -- out of those guys got together and discuss there was some big winners at stormont the movie into things lessons. Well the big upset the big winner was -- huge. Not far away -- absolutely -- had seven nominations the most nominations every topic. Our -- don't forget Ben Affleck was number couple days ago the Oscar nomination process. Came -- and hope that -- best director award which was. New program that's huge in Hollywood that's a huge losses -- and then we are who -- best picture it. Also this was one that Lincoln was issue in the -- also legally shoo in -- window and else seems to be Daniel Day-Lewis yes I think he won a Golden Globe will probably get the Oscar it would seem is -- -- -- a big upset Fargo last a -- this is great because our goal is. Then -- the Golden Globes is a great promotional vehicle to launch. The movies into the final stretch going towards Oscars so this is going to be great tomorrow you like tell those ticket sales go up -- and Golden -- do kind of influence the -- little bit -- this is something changed the -- -- maybe a little -- and was still in the voting process for the Oscars and the big winner on the TV side of things homeland. Yeah I -- who would have thought you know three years ago is all about breaking bad amendment not -- let you know the interesting thing about homeland. And -- its movie and television about clandestine services like -- CIA about terrorism about uniform policy Middle East everything else. Very very good when her homeland this is the new sopranos the new breaking that for a -- here. Surprise appearance let -- -- for me very noteworthy person yeah. Presidents of the United States ex President Bill Clinton. No arrows and -- Bill Clinton did you know lately you know I've had a feeling enjoy the -- it's. Like death you know you can't get anything better the next president to -- -- -- -- I love what people -- said afterwards Hillary Clinton's. It's that loved. It happened really -- the ground work for 2016 it doesn't get to the momentum starting get a little bit today and he was -- kind of introduce Lincoln against the clips are best picture associate dean asks if they really well too. And the other moment every month are we talking about this today -- at the moment happened Twitter exploded Jodie foster's of these she won the legal war last night but it was a rambling speech and she -- -- officially been rumored that a long time yet even though she said -- -- -- Are coming out announcement thousand years ago. It was you know the worst kept secret Hollywood -- she talked about her life about privacy really coming -- about. People having privacy just because of public figures -- -- -- you have -- so you have the right to delve into the private life. Now apparently I'm told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life without press conference a fragrance and a prime -- news -- And I -- you guys might be surprised. But I am not honey -- child. There's very interesting because you talk about love -- -- feeds her mom Brian it was a beautiful speech intrastate and have that level be the Muslim moment muzzle of the moment of the day it is on Twitter already. Colonel was good to see -- -- see you thank you senator. And we'll be -- -- more world news -- right after the.

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{"id":18208563,"title":"Golden Globe Awards: Top Moments, Winners","duration":"4:08","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado on what left people talking.","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globe-awards-top-moments-winners-18208563","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}