Golden Globes 2014: The Winners, Laughs and Fashion

John Muller and Marci Gonzalez recap the headlines out of this year's awards.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for Golden Globes 2014: The Winners, Laughs and Fashion
I told Sweeney -- and it's all about. Last night's Golden Globes the only major awards show where everyone drinks during the show and I kind of shadow. Of their best and TV and -- take a look. The winners. In the film categories twelve years -- -- and won best drama American -- best comedy and Disney's froze it was best animated film. To see some of those that I haven't seen no -- and they are great I -- -- here's -- yesterday Allison. Incredible incredible -- really happy to see that at one apt cool stop but TV categories. Breaking that of course they won best drama and Brooklyn 991 best comedy. And do you -- -- -- drinks except -- did he seemed so genuinely stunned and happy was it was -- I know and that was great -- Bryan Cranston won for best actor for breaking -- Matthew McConaughey Kate was a surprise winner for Dallas to buyers club. And Jennifer Lawrence took home -- supporting actress trophy for American hustle was really happy -- Matthew McConaughey when it -- it. Look at close to one there -- few other actors and there who performed. I thought deserved it is well that he was incredible in Dallas buyers club. I didn't see -- -- you did obviously and but I mean to lose all that we -- things that he did he get -- that role it's nice to see some validation for all the hard work you've put my very hard so many winners which also included cohost Amy -- for her show parks and recreation -- she can't say we're so Smart so far. Funny last night and here's some of their best moments. Welcome to the 71 annual -- -- and Amy Poehler is believed stand below the lead golden glow. I'm very -- -- everybody here in the room many do all the women and gay men watching at home and now. Like supermodels did you -- let's not give a warm well. Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Poehler is nominated her work and parks and recreation. Cheney is here tonight we get a -- ever sooner -- -- Part of the ages of 42 year old mother. Look at Baltimore -- financing industry admits it. Really good together -- -- are so funny I love them and now -- -- talked about moments early in the show less stunner for Jacqueline Davis -- winning best actress in -- miniseries or TV film. Yeah but no one -- more stuff -- to set herself talking for ever kind of an awkward way eventually she got from senator. -- so -- back to crack Rihanna hail a cab get to the stage it was really. Combs or won't she finally gotten -- only I'm prepared to accept any award that night -- kind of haunts for awhile that she rambled on. And then initially getting from might come up to -- bad about her hair to yeah. Yeah she had to get delete the release -- -- -- air -- -- very awkward but you know sometimes awkward TV is some of the most entertaining. And in that respect she was a resounding success -- -- -- -- bond raising eyebrows Amy Poehler in Iran. Well affection. I'm making -- we've got out it's just. For winning best actress in a musical or comedy series for parks and recreation just very proud of that time cameras -- that -- -- handle that well for sure earlier he was spotted she was spotted that is running shoulders. There would -- them Malia that was detain pardon and we and I got a little. What do you think -- there -- right. Next you have big debut for Kerry Washington endless scandals starting -- last night's Golden Globes. To announce to the world that she and her NFL star. Our thanks to her husband are expecting their first child I think. There's a lot of talk that she was pregnant but this is the first time that we've seen her come out and show that baby bump she looks amazing. She doesn't she's notoriously quiet about her private life in this morning we give our best wishes that happy couple and what's good about announcing -- -- nobody's gonna take a shot at your office. You can't make fun of the candlelight and I don't -- and she always looks at me as you -- -- Now the big winners on the red -- reviewing a starting with the ever so beautiful Sophia -- -- stepping out and elegant black ball down. Accepted by an incredible -- that is necklace Reese Witherspoon she was stunning in a simple unsophisticated -- Calvin Klein topped off with her. -- symmetrical do. And and the lots in Iraq Deborah -- -- flowing Christian Dior are completely open in the back exposing. Black fitted pants they really did look amazing pictures when they point out the best dressed -- -- but I think obviously you. Looked incredible and and you would think that that number with the pants in the back would be a disaster but it doesn't kind of black. Park some say Julia Roberts -- away says he's more miss than hit checking out and a black and white -- the -- -- number. Okay this super bright yellow strapless gown -- Lena Dunham on the worst dressed list then -- Andrea. -- but also getting thumbs down Paula Patton in the skin tight long sleeved white gown with gigantic. -- to -- ruffles ruffles. We're and it much. And large.

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{"id":21510464,"title":"Golden Globes 2014: The Winners, Laughs and Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"John Muller and Marci Gonzalez recap the headlines out of this year's awards.","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globes-2014-winners-laughs-fashion-21510464","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}