Golden Globes moments

The fashion, the upsets and the Fiji water. ABC News' Will Ganss brings us the highlights.
4:32 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for Golden Globes moments
Yes looking of the red carpet just hours ago. Hollywood has shifted its annual awards season into high gear with the 76. Annual Golden Globe Award. She FK LeBron cast stretch nearly three and a half hours. He fell asleep rating watch don't worry our will be ends we'll hit all the highlights force this morning good morning well. If you fell asleep or you didn't watch eye and say your shame on you. I am I add another night when we thought we'd be going totally got got for a star is born. The Golden Globes throw some curve balls like an M. Night Shyamalan movie remember those the outcome of lots of unexpected twists and turns instead of the stars born. Hollywood was singing a different Freddie Mercury inspired team tonight I'll take a look. As far as award shows go Hollywood's golden night check all of them right Fox's. Major upsets Jack. Emotional acceptance speeches Jack. Fiery fashion check check check many of the major awards at the 76 annual Golden Globes shocked even some of the winners themselves. Glenn Close is jaw dropping hearing her own name when she won best actress in a drama. Beating out Lady Gaga who was the favorite going into the evening for her role in the stars' morning. The start may be bored but based on its Golden Globes count it seems like it may have burned out. The film losing out on best motion picture drama to bohemian rhapsody in another upset. And Bradley Cooper losing the best actor title. Rap cities from you now. As far as motion picture comedy. Green book when the big award and Christian Bale and Olivia Coleman took home the trophies for best actor and actress for their work in vice and the favorite respectively. Play of upsets and surprises sir but like this year's Emmy Awards and all the greatest award shows there was a live television proposal. Mainly. And in case that dream team isn't enough to make you believe in love globes co host Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Took an extra step to ensure that these globes were the happy and healthy it's ever. Here I'll getting flu. And while the award celebrated familiar favorites like Jeff Bridges who took home the Cecil B. DeMille award. And Carol Burnett who accepted the first ever Carol Burnett award the night celebrated diversity. Santoro fighting back tears at the beginning of the evening. Because ICG. And I see you. All of these faces of change. And in her acceptance speech for supporting actress in a movie Regina King vowed to hire teams made up of 50% women and any future projects. And an emotional Glenn Close also taking time in her speech for best actress to celebrate went. We have to say I can. And I should be allowed. So cool seeing Glenn Close accepting an award she hasn't won in ten years I know but well deserved and you know. Cool seeing the crowd give her standing up recently I love how she's stunned I mean is a woman whose looks okay awards reflect what may get an award look at it never happened. So or at what was your favorite mormons. My favorite moment I mean it was in the piece just now by Amy Poehler and Mya Rudolph I could watch them do anything hurt you know hours on it. Yet it's at an ice strapped hosting this is pretty historic for her also exactly lots of milestones this year celebrating so much diversity of nominees like black Klansman flat black Panthers crazy rich Asians you know speaking of diversity of my favorite moment of the Golden Globes. Emma Stone with in the desert city you have to see this. At her studio film and an Asian American leads ins ghost in the shell and alone. I read somewhere into crowding here episode goes sorry. No I don't think it's Anastos cast in this role in years ago in a phone call aloha. And as a young woman who was supposed to be a days in American descent. There's a whole uproar over it. Read to have a quad cities sorry kind of just made everybody crack is it credible candidate Dennis don't write to crack everybody and in the gorge so overall. Was this a big bangs the beginning of the awards season it was a Big Bang but it was also cut. Like I was saying a plot twist of banks because source is warning its won for best original song sweet. Back think everybody did so this a night of many upsets lets him he'll be reborn during the Oscars titles I think they well Colin forgotten Barack my friend well good to see amounted to see you to think runner heading.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"The fashion, the upsets and the Fiji water. ABC News' Will Ganss brings us the highlights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60206763","title":"Golden Globes moments","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globes-moments-60206763"}