Google Glass App Benefits Deaf, Hard of Hearing

Georgia Tech researchers' app provides real-time closed-captioning for Glass wearers.
2:54 | 10/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google Glass App Benefits Deaf, Hard of Hearing
Time for the -- -- -- we're gonna start with a game changer and this is a game changing invention from -- good folks at Georgia Tech my former home of Atlanta they have invented something. Been hearing about these Google glasses and we'll -- don't know detective -- -- weird this is a real application that could be -- came changeable people who are death. Or hard of hearing you can have a real time conversations you've seen this being displayed. That -- there. Has the glasses on the other guys talking into his Smartphone into the app and then the other -- with the glasses on -- seeing the words. Displayed right now problem on those -- glad you can have a real time conversation while back and forth. This is they the first application I've ever heard of Google glasses that make sense numb but this -- meant that they've done that in Georgia Tech took aggressive -- Congrats to them that I didn't get Google -- this is really incredible nobody cuts. Okay I'm not alone -- -- -- You -- feeling you get when you think you're almost gonna miss your flight and you start to think could wait how like a flight attendant security how to get some of the tensions on the plane doesn't -- Well there's a couple that tried to the pilot's attention for what. Okay. It's just try to communicate through the window these American airline passengers missed according. For two minutes apparently -- terrific that was caught on and I found ways we'll do. Quickly hit the -- and come back on the depict a moment what can I tell you that would be me I would be doing things about life you would not be doing -- I agreement. There have been some desperate measures desperate times desperate hazardous. -- one and other here this is very cool restaurant you go into. As we overpay some -- for a meal we overpay for the surface okay but what if you had the option you can pay exactly what you thought the -- was worse than what the service was -- yeah. -- Dallas North Carolina. Business wasn't actually going too well at this restaurant. Data -- -- her name restaurants just -- in. They were doing well in business she'd say don't put -- in hands of in the hands of god and she had faith in people pay what you what you think we're work. And her business tripled people come -- and you pay what you think the meal was worth what -- is worth it's really taken off some people buying other people's meals they don't want any -- feel bad home if you get all the pay a few bucks. But business has taken off I love that story. I love and that when news my faith in humanity you right there you -- positive things happen to good people like that. Sometimes the middle of the night what you don't want -- here are your kids chatting to each other mother trying to go to bed. Unless. He's cute one year old twins plagued seasons all with each other. The dad started rolling as you can imagine look at that they -- their heads up I don't the other twin pops up but there are people who so adorable. The -- uploaded on his FaceBook account woke up in the morning to find two million people had actually watch this adorable clip of his daughters Molly and make him. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Georgia Tech researchers' app provides real-time closed-captioning for Glass wearers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26039406","title":"Google Glass App Benefits Deaf, Hard of Hearing","url":"/WNN/video/google-glass-app-benefits-deaf-hard-hearing-26039406"}