Google's Most Searched Stories of 2013

Google announces the most searched stories of 2013 in a video posted to its site.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google's Most Searched Stories of 2013
Hi welcome into the makes everybody Google is out with its top most searched for topics of 2013. And end here. -- -- quick video -- -- put together of some of the images that are really gonna capture your attention that you may remember from. 2010 -- As homeowners to care about the lives of -- and I. -- -- -- All right so here are some notable mentions most popular search of 2013. Was for Paul Walker the actor who passed away in -- horrible car crash. -- -- the top trending why is Miley Cyrus for her performance -- -- be amazed at her work in. And we also had Kim Kardashian -- most popular celebrity ahead of one direction if you can believe it and the Harlem -- -- -- blurred lines. And get -- styles in that the most searched for song. -- the Harlem. Fair is fair all right. Practice makes perfect everybody wanna be perfect -- -- -- -- its -- video this is from the Texas Renaissance -- they are practicing. With real night. Canada and yet now that -- -- c'mon I'm really good job. Hey -- as a wisecracking and agitator Adam and Adam -- rich and his part of Dakota and -- practicing their night routine. With their own bodies you'll knives and some -- -- -- another point. Thought my -- gracious. Slowly. Now you have. A little -- just director fun. How many fish hook shot this -- -- we believe that this is yes right exactly yeah this just one of those things. All right well -- -- about a murdered friend. I like that she's a little closer than human intelligence a little too far away when -- -- that -- that hopefully we'll be back. Yes I know that villagers are about let's check out here the -- of fun Christmas video of this is taking. -- ugly sweater idea and transferring it to your. There a couple of guys. That is zero. That -- thousand -- -- and as president but you know -- their pay for. -- -- -- -- -- I have nothing else -- -- American real quick put up as flavor of what we'll show you photos you know enough for the gingerbread houses that are credible threat -- about gingerbread man is about to. -- chocolate Santa and I'll. At the -- it'll be on display to the thirtieth 5000 dollars worth roughly 400 hours of work report shortly --

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{"id":21273490,"title":"Google's Most Searched Stories of 2013","duration":"3:00","description":"Google announces the most searched stories of 2013 in a video posted to its site.","url":"/WNN/video/googles-searched-stories-2013-21273490","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}