New GOP health care push

Republicans work out a deal that could threaten the Affordable Care Act once more.
2:38 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for New GOP health care push
And president trump is striking an optimistic tone about the latest push to repeal and replace obamacare. But the Republican lawmakers scrambling to reach a deal are not nearly as confident and I'll get enough votes before the president's first 100 days are up ABC's Josh Haskell joins us now. With the latest good morning Josh good morning guys. So the question on health care continues to be whether the factions within the Republican Party can overcome their disagreements. On Thursday. It church seem the present trump thinks they can. One month after the GOP pulled their health care bill new signs that an amendment to that bill. Could please conservative and moderate Republicans we have a good chance of getting it soon the proposal would restore Obama's requirement. That insurers cover services like prescription drugs maternity care. And mental health services but in an effort to please conservatives. States will be allowed to obtain waivers. To abandon that requirement obamacare currently prevent insurers from charging the sick. Higher premiums than healthy consumers additional waivers would allow states to opt out of this we'll see what happens but this is a great billed as a great plan. And this will be great health care it's. Evolving the trump administration is desperate for legislative victory on health care. As the 100 day mark of their administration approaches there's no give up we started remember took obamacare seventeen months. I've really been negotiating this for two months maybe even less than that congress returns Tuesday but Republicans. Have been quietly negotiating during the spring recess although the amendment may gain some votes this time around. The amendment could turn some lawmakers away. Representative Dan Donovan of New York told the Associated Press he remains a no vote. Partly because the legislation. Would increase Medicaid costs for his constituents. Every time they moved the scrimmage line. You risk losing other people who were yes but this changes them to a no. House Republicans have a conference call scheduled for Saturday where members will be briefed on the league's health care development. But let's not forget that congress only has one week to avert a government shutdown. That will likely take priority over health care. Does seem that they were making progress with that at all at this point the government shut down there's a lot of questions at a prison trump was asked about that today is it going to be government shut down as -- health care he said both kind of yeah. Your seatbelts on. As always next week is definitely going to be something veteran time so much to be here with us.

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{"id":46932122,"title":"New GOP health care push","duration":"2:38","description":"Republicans work out a deal that could threaten the Affordable Care Act once more.","url":"/WNN/video/gop-health-care-push-46932122","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}