Grab a Bowl, It's National Cereal Day

Enjoy cereal as you learn the history and role that this popular breakfast plays in American life.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Grab a Bowl, It's National Cereal Day
Joining us this morning from the world news now wrecked this -- headquarters like that I -- news. Celebration of national cereal and rice says holiday tale that we -- and doing a little early wreck this young Captain Crunch we have the best I've got golden Graham what's happening now -- in the lovely field. Yeah we are back in the day -- -- was pretty serious was invented in the mid eighteen hundreds. Because the American diet was apparently so horrible and I think Americans ate lots of protein drink lots of -- And all that -- caused some pretty serious gastrointestinal. Issues -- reformers even thought Americans -- eating. Contribute to life. -- -- -- All right we'll along came doctor James Caleb Jackson he operated what's called a sanitarium which is more like a health resort. He believed that diet was Nikita good health and that's invented the first and breakfast cereal. -- it was manufactured -- Jill of grand rich Graham flour rolled into sheets and debate wasn't very convenient -- -- -- so overnight before it could be eaten it's described as a tougher version of grape nuts all of sounds so glad. -- -- -- fire and it Kellogg Brothers doctor John Kellogg along with his brother will started a company that produced breakfast cereals. But when will wanted to add shouldn't -- to the cereals the Brothers split. Each started his own company I would've bought stock -- wheels come -- Fast forward a few decades and sugar in cereals became the norm rather than the exception especially when it came to -- -- combine all. Sugary goodness with an adventurous cartoon character and kids were begging for a bulls soon. Ever heard of sugar frosted flakes if big Chris -- of corn with a secret to open in sugar expand but guru. -- -- -- That was the original -- the site has since been replaced by his son Tony junior. -- -- was just one of the many characters selling sugary cereal to kids and many of those that aired on Saturday morning blasted a -- minute and had their own story lines as well. -- -- write another real gotten monetizes. More. Hi this is got to be one of the most famous serial -- It was in the early seventies started -- he didn't have a single line but they had made light serial household name and had kids. -- their parents to be like Mike. He. -- this -- exterior stuff be good for you -- try. Try try. And -- Movie he can't. Human life. And -- ad campaign ran from 1970 forging 1986 becoming one of the longest running TV commercials ever great cover and a until recently another incentive for kids to eat cereal with the promise of a -- -- believe that there was a certain kind of joy and unearthing that free flipped mobile may -- inside your Fruity Pebbles at classic mini -- -- I'm just for eating alphabet. Kids beg their mom Chris certain got a serial just because -- what was inside the box even if they didn't like the serial. That we ambulance -- what my mom dad lives with seven of us and said mom said if you went shopping with -- you can get the -- she was gonna help I'm night right here's one of the most popular prizes from cereal and atomic rain we just fifteen cents at a bus stop from kicks he could get a ring that displayed flashes of light inside trouble was. Contained actual plutonium don't -- All right we have our favorites and we want to know what yours is. -- so what if your favorite breakfast cereal just log onto our FaceBook page W and and -- dot com to weigh in. You know hundreds of people have already told us which one -- -- and there's a pretty healthy debate going on about which serial is best. My vote goes with -- very little brands -- my top spot the -- Crunch -- Captain Crunch when my number one all right folks who raise a glass of -- whatever it is the coast national -- -- with us.

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{"id":22813486,"title":"Grab a Bowl, It's National Cereal Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Enjoy cereal as you learn the history and role that this popular breakfast plays in American life.","url":"/WNN/video/grab-bowl-national-cereal-day-22813486","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}