Grammy Awards 2013: Must-See Moments

Jennifer Lopez's leg and Justin Timberlake's singing top the list.
3:22 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Grammy Awards 2013: Must-See Moments
Earlier shoot out Willis. -- welcome back cars they -- -- -- that would that would generally. -- -- -- Nevertheless let me guys who did and saw the -- no nothing crazy happen I would say. -- was the go ahead of them has few moments here so first let's go through the big winners last night are right album of the year went to Mumford and so that's a pretty good man -- I'm Lamar at Babel babble on which we -- battle okay. Congratulations and then also record of the year win two ability -- that I used to know -- of that song that you love song the great salt. -- song of the year went to we are young and they aren't sun -- can't be. If you like it should have been in the 1980s can't -- is older than he had acted that's good to Natalie -- Let Cassidy senior -- Best new artist fund also they -- -- a -- -- coveted award. Pop vocal album went to Kelly Clarkson for her big hit a stronger. He's always good and then also some random highlights -- from the night how can we talked last week about the fashion code MEI -- put into place known show too much in this -- that of the other big okay. So anyway Jay Leno comes out with that nice little black number -- -- listen. As you can -- I've read the memo. You. -- -- EC I don't even. Look beautiful as the voyages and you can spot in the -- -- thankful. I'm pretty inspire myself. -- -- -- Yeah yeah. I have to borrow then she -- early forty's looking good and -- I thought she looked great to do was doing her thing also Justin Timberlake new album album you dispersants. Who already know how -- you -- they have. Did you get a good lead after four years as first cellular really great performance and also -- -- really -- part of the show a tribute to -- Bob -- last night also I was part of the -- the telecast last -- exhausting their the last there's Ziggy is suddenly got. -- also -- so political moments last night. I really think nominee I think the fundamental -- yeah. There. But speaking of the grammys it would be it would end by Taylor's -- being circus act is really -- turns out -- US weekly is reporting it. Carrie Underwood and yes it can't stand each other apparently -- -- were told to keep these two countries starlet. Always from each other not -- -- during the awards show. Apparently so -- -- it says that Kerry has always been rude to her so she steers clear from her grooming and. Us weekly reporting also Toni Braxton -- -- news saying look. After eight grammys all these years in the business -- done what exactly saying I'm retired I'm done. She says from what I do you have to love and I have to feel that excitement and it's simply. And gone past and break my heart no Toni Braxton is all think she is at. -- Tony -- also but don't worry folks it's. We got a double dose of the skin and -- a bonus round in fact including a.

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{"id":18462318,"title":"Grammy Awards 2013: Must-See Moments","duration":"3:22","description":"Jennifer Lopez's leg and Justin Timberlake's singing top the list.","url":"/WNN/video/grammy-awards-2013-moments-18462318","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}