Great Jack-o'-Lantern Blaze

Pumpkin artist Michael Natiello shows us how to carve like a pro.
4:17 | 10/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Great Jack-o'-Lantern Blaze
Halloween is just around the corner and decides the costumes and candy. Carving is part of the fun of the season and this morning were joined by Michael had to yellow from Ben courtly manners great Jack O lantern -- to find out how to get creeped me. Created at the same time my OK Michael let's -- element you bet it alone about it about this matter it's essentially an art -- silly -- and. Right it's over 5000 Jacqueline turns on the -- -- thousand hits me laughing yet but not just individual there combination. Many Jack -- many carvings to make dinosaurs to make his resume of -- -- -- -- attack Clinton's core the awesome really -- comes -- totem -- and this is the ninety year that you guys have installed this how are empty casket started at team up how many it's a yearlong process for. Designing and coming up new new themes. And then the actual carving takes place -- about. Maybe the end of September -- goes all the way through the event but set up as a couple months of before the events are quite popular 45 minutes just to -- at. Power anyway yeah we're anticipating over a 100000 people -- here and where -- event that -- at van Cortland manor in Croton-on-Hudson Croton-on-Hudson in new York and New York. Are very good let's get to illustrate how do we make you want to learn to like -- Kind of reversed its matter of choosing the right pumpkin okay so this is a nice -- -- credit washed and cleaned it yet. First that this is scoop it out so when and -- -- hold. It's not -- throw that out. There's little Gregory -- And start pennant this -- the kind of -- Parkinson was so we edit. Cleaned up pumpkin right pattern on -- yet. Actually got -- again and you know you were kind enough to act so that -- the pattern down for us it is just a screw -- now. So there's a regular sword he wouldn't have just a little little tape around -- -- a Tom -- finger at -- and going along the line of the pattern just desert. It's poor economy candidate connect the dots if you you wanna be like real close to the previous viewing -- -- pretty -- especially when there's -- that the change in direction. Now -- -- -- so taking. I saw this this is just -- that you can get in a pumpkin carving can't but it could also use. A paring -- Can -- get a credit you don't have an -- or -- utility knife okay insert you saw. Doesn't matter where we start doesn't really matter resurfaced this pattern near the -- the senators a good spot at Hank and then use in temple sawing motion. Sort of follow those lines that we criminal. I've got like these really quick start -- -- -- here I don't go quickly to. Once you get all it's the end. We don't question that didn't. Put your -- inside. And it was he. Why he had an important tomorrow and sometimes us. If you can see here are some trying to push it and yet it's not going and so once you get more cuts it becomes more delicate and then you're gonna break it for this way. -- -- -- -- -- This isn't even -- we're using -- how to include the little kids that seem to be. If they wanted to draw how they're designed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Read but definitely coming mom and dad and want to do when it comes after reading that I -- so let's go to the finale to the Mexican TV check this out. This is really also we have some -- the electric lights the united go old school -- -- -- -- okay. Such things a little safer. It is often nineties but that right in the middle -- -- -- -- inside. And now I want people to see is the fact that we're getting this because he adds in -- like -- and pull out now yeah us. If something that you have at the -- instilling. All of the Skelton emergence right -- since been behind us that this president. Skeletons are coming out of the ground that's -- -- hand I keep this Long Island's only urging people and I don't tell everybody I'm. -- -- -- About bad and I ran unopposed and secondly they're going to be interested in doing some magazines lately friendly. -- -- where that violent or information Hudson Valley dot org Frontline is the source are. Really enjoy this yeah Michael thank you very much we appreciate it watch world news now. --

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{"id":20679426,"title":"Great Jack-o'-Lantern Blaze","duration":"4:17","description":"Pumpkin artist Michael Natiello shows us how to carve like a pro.","url":"/WNN/video/great-jack-lantern-blaze-20679426","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}