Great Tools and Gadgets for the Holidays

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some great tools and gifts for the DIY guy.
4:08 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Great Tools and Gadgets for the Holidays
-- -- technologically enhanced household has all been a better household at least that is the edict from our resident -- -- Dick DeBartolo from Twitter dot TV. Welcome to the show is -- down because you were some enlightening inexpensive gifts to help you do little bull -- Exactly -- have to start with a tool kit I was helping a friend and we picking up tools at Home Depot. And I I saw this tool -- and I thought wait a minute. This whole tool -- is. Under thirty blocks at some may get a whole idea that would again and I encountered IPO box and so has come to grips it has clans to help you hold things settle -- level and it's not -- -- -- -- picture is teeny little you know it's -- -- -- -- those little -- exactly -- -- classes this morning that yeah HDX from Home Depot -- under. This is -- this is from -- it is called the push -- -- doorknob. So we can look over here thinks he'd turn is it. -- good -- Georgia -- you have something. And bush on the doorknob -- its clinics and it opens what it takes a woman without a lever change things push -- our poll on it. -- push on it. So terrific Everett and there they started under 25 books like that -- and I don't dirty -- just totally reasonable. Exactly I installed want to have -- now really nice city there's Stanley will -- it was really nice. Quote Kate -- -- light bulbs Ellie light -- So he's not incandescent -- season like diet helps you last forever they last 25000. -- now compact flash. -- -- -- ugly they're blue. They're not in the -- yes right so Kelly do you like to -- yes exactly exactly Kelly daylights. -- and I -- probably the first LED like here four years ago it was eighty dollars the saga and -- right now to ground but it was a big heavy things so now that the 41 version is under ten dollars that's where people don't depots says it was the first time they were able to get -- -- -- under ten dollars. This thing -- last. -- my heart I was -- -- and it doesn't get hot. And those those how expecting that now now now and not -- compact fluorescent. I'm not -- -- -- this is their mobile. And what did you box on the -- to the forty watt. The sixty want is under thirteen now you'd be crazy not to get no no coming here but Dave it is entire -- -- -- LEDs. This is a great idea first alert said you know Dick -- see. Smoke detector or what's invented. No one has redesigned that until that -- -- -- -- that -- so they came out with new technology show with more efficient a little guy. -- that is so great it's there on this spring there on the -- ceiling. Under thirty dollars and then these -- when's -- coming out next month like matches one grain. It's so totally unobtrusive. They're called first alert Adam. So I -- -- like we do my house of these nine to paint although I think yeah that would under the -- announcing any new light no doubt two got okay. Steak like from black and -- around a long time as long time hook it up on the island have all these on the so this is it LED. But lithium mine on -- at once it'll run for five ballots could easily that in the closet -- -- the -- for eighteen months. So when you go to get -- actually -- not dead it's actually -- on the thirty bucks this also next month. And it's a company called -- that -- quirky but useful gadgets same thing here you get up the -- You trying to drag up an electric drill and electric Sander all these coins so what you -- plug this in at the bottom of the -- wrap this around the top of the ladder or if you working on she right now you have three outlets to on the front. And one on the back that is. On the twenty -- -- -- -- what do you hear what's left -- of other that's about it boxing for that you always bring in the greatest stuff that every one of these items great these alike need to put me he says -- -- two -- of like -- -- absolutely Dick -- always thank you very much of buying detailed information about these gadgets on -- website news quiz dot ms. -- W and and fans dot com.

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{"id":20800269,"title":"Great Tools and Gadgets for the Holidays","duration":"4:08","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some great tools and gifts for the DIY guy.","url":"/WNN/video/great-tools-gadgets-holidays-20800269","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}