Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dead

ABC News' Brian Ross reports that one suspect is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.
4:16 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dead
Continue our breaking news this morning a wild scene coming out of the Boston area specifically. Watertown. Where a suspect is dead the manhunt for a second suspect continues. And this. According to local police is connected to the Boston Marathon bombings we are getting some confirmation of that we want to go right -- our correspondent Brian Ross has been on the scene throughout the and the morning without collecting as much information as possible Brian thank you for joining us once again what's the very latest. The very latest is a terrorist is at large that's how the police here -- view it. He is the man who was identified yesterday by the FBI -- suspect number two in the marathon bombings. He and his partner suspect number 1 began the evening apparently -- an attempted stick up -- a 7-Eleven. Store in Cambridge. They then went on to MIT where they got enough gun battle with the MIT police and killed an Iraqi police officer. That led to -- wild chased by car. From Cambridge into neighboring Watertown. More gunfire here at that point that suspect number warm. But by the FBI. -- shot the suspect the Hutus fled to at this point. I suspect number two is that large they believe he is dangerous and -- -- Residents of this town had been told to stay inside. Do not answer the door for anybody. Other than someone who -- identified as a police officer. The people along the -- of the chase described the gunfire and bombs going off into the night. Grenades being thrown at -- suspect number two remains at large is a huge police presence here that people looking for him. He's hiding under the cover of darkness. The sun comes up and about a dollar -- probably -- the -- But at the moment remains -- very tense situation here with a man who would they believe -- murder -- will Kate. Clearly Brian had not only worried about catching this second suspect they're also worried about potential explosives that he may or may not have planted a long way is that correct. It. That's absolutely correct one of our producers. Was told that be careful there are explosives. Everywhere -- We -- told -- one point not to use cellphones for fear they might trigger an explosion Plaxo these are people they suspect. Have skills in building bombs and had lots of other bombs apparently. And they and one of the questions I think that is raised is based on the application of these two men -- suspects wanted to. From the marathon on the injuries I think many of us are surprised that they were still in this area they had not taken off at all and the additional information we have is that they had -- car video loaded who is an explosives were which suggests perhaps they had not finished whenever there. -- -- Brian -- clearly. Magazine individuals who wanted to cause a lot of harm just going back to -- asked police where we're telling us about what they did just on this -- story alone. A robbery a carjacking Monday shot and killed a the -- and an MIT police officer there's another. Transit police officer who was struck and is now in critical condition at the hospital. And the concern is for the residents also they -- want to make sure that everybody stays inside and everybody. Eight is vigilant because until the sun comes up there's no telling where this this man is right now it is there any development on. And as far as how police are going to keep -- area safe is it still just the door to door have you heard any updates on that. It is -- -- -- phone calls are being made dad Brandon who residence they call reverse 911 calls high and they have an area where they think he may be and they tried to square that off. But was darkness that is an ally for someone trying to hide for a -- That is the concern while it's it's probably about a mile down the road from -- from where I'm standing right now -- where this is taking place. But it's a very tense situation there they have no doubt that this person is prepared to kill again. -- yeah we saw his car behind you Brian speeding. Behind you so. It's certainly fluid take care out there and we'll check in and a little bit ABC's Brian Ross thank you.

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{"id":18995409,"title":"Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dead","duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Brian Ross reports that one suspect is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.","url":"/WNN/video/gun-battle-leaves-boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-dead-18995409","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}