New Hair, New Clothes, New Lease on Life

Star Boutique helps job-seeking women with free clothes, manicures and mentorship.
3:35 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for New Hair, New Clothes, New Lease on Life
Finding new organization here in New York City to help young women who are bearing some heavy burdens without any health. The startle T doesn't simply deliver handout but also give these young women -- time and attention to carry on digital news associate Amanda van Allen has the story. I found myself on my own -- went and got pregnant with my -- and elsewhere months pregnant woman anybody found out because I was -- screen. Diamond craft got pregnant at just sixteen years old after a friend -- return. When she made up her mind to keep the child her family kicked her out of the house. It was basically going from. House to house -- would take me and my daughter and because I wasn't waking up Allison school I had stopped going to school netted -- -- -- creating. -- is now ninety she's raising her daughter Ryan has a part time job and she studying for the ged test. Like many single mom she really has time to think about herself. I don't know the last -- -- -- shopping you know then the stuff that I have is like from -- the lab. Just want. That's where New York City based charity the star who -- company with doesn't he give up -- play. She's manicure and hair blue and many dealerships and. Even though the charity. The girl has not charity group. -- -- Looking great but. Look at your back there -- -- just can't happen -- an outbreak. Not finished yet we get my girlfriend follow grabbed the infected -- all of -- -- -- himself. Many of these girls have unthinkable struggles but the star boutique helps them forget. Even if it's for one afternoon. Be able to -- -- sun roamed. You know -- and resilience. The kind LA made me happy because. I don't get that I am grateful I went for what I had little effect my daughter has as well. -- has been working tirelessly to ensure a stable life for her and her daughter she doesn't Covenant House which is transitional housing in New York City. Designed to help young adults get back on their feet. There are one point seven million homeless teens in the US alone 39% of those teens are kicked out or leave home before even -- eighteen. Being able to hold to what some people -- -- I'm going their way. Watching the show because I'm thankful -- -- Not having him. I had being. Somebody. Long live we'll keep going from -- I think about these. It's. Back -- -- there is something that everybody has -- Inspiring story Amanda van Allen joining -- sunset right now great piece. So what really -- you when you went there with these limits of power fight it like she said at the end she doesn't have any family never think about that. What really -- you went out there -- honestly just seeing the girls from start to finish was amazing just seeing them come and then you know kind of be just average girls but leaving really honestly feeling like stars was awesome they got their makeup done -- -- -- -- new clothes. And they got some mental or shipped to there was a good talks of it felt really good about themselves when and -- -- absolutely anybody -- -- you got at the start -- dot com and donate as much as you wanted. I'm ready -- a great story and and a fantastic beasts coming up next insomniac theatre. He's going back in time and --

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Star Boutique helps job-seeking women with free clothes, manicures and mentorship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20750621","title":"New Hair, New Clothes, New Lease on Life","url":"/WNN/video/hair-clothes-lease-life-20750621"}