Happening Thursday: Candidates hold dueling rallies in Florida

With five days until the election, President Donald Trump is touting economic growth while former Vice President Joe Biden is slamming Trump’s "reckless rallies." ABC's Trevor Ault reports.
3:10 | 10/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Happening Thursday: Candidates hold dueling rallies in Florida
On the campaign trail today both candidates focusing on the biggest swing state on the map holding dueling rallies later in Tampa Florida the critics with five days until Election Day the president is touting what's expected to be of slot luster economic report out this. Morning I think it's going to be may be the biggest number in the history of our country GDP. Data today will likely show sky rocketing economic growth the US gross domestic product expected to increase by a record 25 to 30%. That number from the third quarter when businesses started reopening. In a memo titled trumps doomed effort to paint a rosy economic picture. The Biden campaign slamming the president saying his mission accomplished rhetoric does not captured the true direction or stated the US economy. On Wall Street Wednesday the Dow plunged 943. Points the worst day since June as corona virus cases rise in stimulus talks stall president any Arizona last night staying focused on the economy. Revealing what he's calling it the American dream plan. Over the next four years the American dream plan will bring more than two million new jobs. Two Hispanic communities created over a half a million new Hispanic. Owned small businesses. It's stark contrast to trumps a multiple campaign stops Joseph Biden kept a low profile Wednesday. Voting in Delaware and holding a co bid briefing where he slammed the president for his quote. Reckless rallies seven people had been hospitalized after a truck rally in Nebraska Tuesday night when supporters were left stranded waiting for buses in near freezing temperatures. Biden called it a reflection of how trump was handled the pandemic. He gets his photo opportunity gets out. He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure. To make a responsible plan. In the meantime trump is calling for the prosecution of Myles Taylor after Taylor revealed himself as anonymous. The purse in the New York Times described as a former senior administration official who wrote an op Ed critical of the president. Turned out to be a low level staff. A sleaze day. Who's ever worked in the let us this guy. In my opinion he should be prosecuted. Taylor wrote the article in 2018 when he likely had little interaction with senior officials in the west wing according to ABC's Jonathan Karl. Whilst. Taylor hardly a household name at the time he was the deputy chief of staff for the secretary of Homeland Security. I think many people were under the impression I know I was that the articles written by somebody within much more senior role. Last night Taylor was asked why he denied being anonymous in the past one at that work to stand on its own two legs. And deprive the president of an opportunity to do one more personal attack. To distract from his record. For the white house calls Taylor disgruntled low level former staffer. In while we're learning more about the president's travel plans he is holding three more rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday alone.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"With five days until the election, President Donald Trump is touting economic growth while former Vice President Joe Biden is slamming Trump’s \"reckless rallies.\" ABC's Trevor Ault reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73900467","title":"Happening Thursday: Candidates hold dueling rallies in Florida","url":"/WNN/video/happening-thursday-candidates-hold-dueling-rallies-florida-73900467"}