Happiest and Unhappiest US Cities Revealed

Researchers name New York City America's unhappiest city.
2:55 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Happiest and Unhappiest US Cities Revealed
Oh I've always wondered in America where are the happy -- -- the unhappy at cities. Really when -- city but sadly city I think OK -- University of British Columbia Harvard teamed up. And they found but I've ever come here we go to the look at it the I don't -- in this city that -- -- you -- -- -- We don't know talking to each do you believe that if you're living in -- happiness any riot -- the -- all of blood type in Key West. But what happened -- ones where they rank and Norfolk Virginia Washington DC Raleigh Durham. Ed North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia which is where -- -- that's right. -- was happy there and in my wife there that made me happy the there yeah all right hey how about this. How about this week to bandits would tell you about this story a couple of -- -- comes out of Portland police. Are really -- and Portland suburb because apparently there's a sticky situation bandits have been smearing of doughnuts. And cakes on lawns on cars on streets. And police just dump their ego and smearing a little love maple bar right there on -- car. That this all started on June 1 and it's continued from there another amateur sleuths in the neighborhood I love this part. They've been collecting frosting and sprinkles see them what's best -- tracking it down to supermarkets in the area they suspect. Think kids are to blame them. They haven't made any arrests as of yet but it's delicious it's and I have a city to you had a suite two -- there's a lot this crime I. If my home was smeared with actually -- we're. -- guess overall global smear your front door was declared -- my office. Death came just days -- and spend. By -- kids link. Between commercial breaks so I got really heartwarming stories about -- -- -- and I just love -- There's an orphanage down there with about thirty kids ages. From birth to eighteen months Bill Foster parents to HIV and there -- a kid who came down to. -- -- And he shot his. -- -- -- -- -- It's an amazing. It's gone viral disease that kids laugh saying yeah I'd be just looks happy this is why I absolutely love it. And it travel back to the orphanage to -- Workman's pants and I just thought it was really remarkable. Absolutely actually to raise 121000 dollars to six storm that the orphanages operation costs for the next apparently running up thousands upon itself. -- -- -- -- -- About. Okay and it's official -- -- what do you think between men and women cool likes to -- spending more of course no. Here's the deal a survey. Taken in this from the business standard says that men put -- to percent of women. Admitted to hiding shopping for their partner at more than doubles and -- how many -- tax receipts but. What is he up to.

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{"id":24674063,"title":"Happiest and Unhappiest US Cities Revealed","duration":"2:55","description":"Researchers name New York City America's unhappiest city.","url":"/WNN/video/happiest-unhappiest-us-cities-revealed-24674063","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}